Wednesday, February 26, 2014

World Thinking Day - Norway

Tonight was World Thinking Day for my Daisy Troop, and our Girl Scout Unit here in Luray.  My girls have been "thinking" and planning for this event for weeks and they worked so very hard to prepare their display.  I wanted to share the amazing work that they created.

Our display!

You will note some of the cast from Disney's Frozen off to the right ...Anna, Olaf and Sven.  The movie was our inspiration for choosing Norway as our country.  Norway is where the magic of Frozen takes place.

You will also note, although hard to see, there are little Norwegian maps and treats to the right.  The treats are baggies of black liquorice and Swedish Fish--both beloved treats in Norway.

What you can't see in the photograph is that the Viking Boats were attached to bottles of bubbles so the bubbles could be seen in the water and the boats appeared to have water drifting behind them.

Abby's doll also has a traditional Norwegian Dress on.  

Note how the girls added their own "bling" to the title!

Trolls are Folk Lore in Norway so the girls created their own cute trolls.

As our World Thinking Day followed the Olympics, we included the Norwegian medal count on our display.  We also attached two of our ski and ski poles "swap" pins to our boards. 

The animal photo gallery was my personal favorite part of the girls display.  When we originally discussed what we wanted to include and focus on this was the top subject.  We researched to find the animals that were local to Norway and then the girls drew pictures of the wildlife.  We attached the girls artwork to the front of the board in a 6" x 6" Flip Flap and then when the flap opened there was information on the animal and a photograph of the animal as well.  The animal photographs were purchased from Fotolilio and then edited and printed in CTMH's Studio J.

My daughter Abby with the completed display board.

Abby in her adorable Norwegian hat!  One of our co-mom's had a friend make these for our girls! The hats were so cute on my Daisies!  I would love to post a picture of all of the girls but because of privacy I am not comfortable doing so but you will just have to trust me on how cute all 6 little girls looked in their matching hats!

I, for one, am exhausted after the event, but the girls had a great time so every minute was worth it!  And the six set of smiles made my day so much better!  Love each of them!

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  1. What a great job your Daisy troop did...Congrats. I am a leader of Seniors now and I miss those young cute years. Hope it was a big success! Love the hats!!!!