Friday, May 19, 2023

Tickled Pink!

It has been almost a year and half since Deck The Palms was introduced and yet, I still cannot get enough of the paper - the tropical flowers and whimsical colors just keep pulling me back in.  AND.  THAT, FLAMINGO.  Love her!  My daughter loves flamingos so we celebrate them whenever we find them and what better perfect place than our scrapbook pages? Right?

With that being said, this flamingo sticker was the inspiration for this cute layout!  I love her! And the flowers in her head just make her even cuter!  Her "headshot", if you will, is repeated in the soft baby yellow zip strips used in the layout.

(For a larger view of the layout, click the photo and it will open in a new window.)

How sweet she is right?

That cute zip strip is adhered in strips with alternating baby pink (Ballerina) patterns of polka dot and diagonal stripes.  The strips are at slight angles for character.

Here is a close up of the title details & note the shimmer-splattering!

Supplies used:  Supplies that are current are orderable at:  (CC11211) Deck the Palms Paper Pack with Stickers, (Z4634) Black & White Dots, (1385) White Daisy cs, (Z4588) Ballerina Shimmer Brush, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z3230) 3" x 4" Flip Flaps.

If this layout is a must-have for you, the class kit is available in my shop and can be found by clicking here.  The kit includes the pre-cut pieces and title, bulk embellishments and sticker, (2) 3" x 4" Flip Flaps, detailed instructions and a color photo to help guide you in your creating process.  

Sassfully yours,


Hello Stinkers!

Have you met our little tribe of skunks?  These are little skunks that I would be glad to meet in a dark field!  Introducing Close To My Heart's Little Stinkers!  The Stamp of the Month for the month of May!

A trick that I shared in my card class -  the skunks are much more adorable with a dark, clean stamped image and the best way to accomplish that is to use a new, or freshly re-inked, ink pad! If you don't have this available, try using a MISTI, or alternate stamping platform - by multiple stamping of the same image, you can also achieve that dark, bold and vibrant black color.  

So how do you snag this adorable stamp set?  I am glad you asked!  If you are a VIP, you can earn this stamp set for FREE with a $50 qualifying purchase!  If not, you can still earn this stamp set for $5 with a qualifying purchase.  Click here for more details!  Or course, you can also buy the stamp outright for $19.95.  Whatever method you choose, this is a must have for card makers (in my opinion!)

So now that I have shared the little stinkers, and what I have found is the best way to achieve a great image, I want to share some cards I created with the stamp set!

I adore all four of the cards, but I do believe that this one is my favorite!  The "wash" under the sentiment was created with the Honey Butter Shimmer Brush so it shimmers! Bonus right?  A trick I learned with this is to create your wash, and then let it completely dry before stamping over the wash - otherwise you will likely smear your sentiment.  

Love the noses?? That inspiration was from my dear friend, and cardmaker, Linda Adams!  Once we added the little touch, I just had to add it to every. single. skunk!  

The flowers on the stamped images are colored in with the Raspberry and Flamingo Shimmer Brushes.  

Although hard to see in the photo, each of the smaller stitched circles are popped up with Thin Foam Tape to create a fun depth!

This card used some "controlled" splattering with the Capri Shimmer Brush!  I learned recently that if tap your shimmer brush on the lid for splattering it creates a much finer, and smaller shimmer - almost a mist.  LOVE it!    It is quickly becoming an addictive color to me! I have to be honest, I haven't used much of the Capri before but wow! It is such a beautiful color!

The circle element is from the circle shaker Thin Cuts and window foam HOWEVER, I didn't create it as a shaker - I used the foam circle and adhered the stitched circle directly to the foam for depth.  Super cute idea right?  By adding the White Daisy circle behind the foam, it allowed me to have a "clean" circle for my stamping.  

The little hearts inside the foam rim and stamped with the stamp of the month and then a dollop, or dot, of Ballerina Liquid Pearls were added to the center of each stamped heart.

This card was intentionally created to use some of the circles left from the cutting of the previous two cards - I am all about using all of the fruits leftover from one card, or project, on another!  I added Honey Butter circles that were left from a different project and then cut the three stitched circles to add depth and more character to the card.  Although not truly obvious in the photo, the colored circles are all flat and the stitched circles are all popped up with Thin Foam Tape.

The card also has that fine shimmer splatter from the Capri Shimmer Brush and the centers of the dainty stamped flowers are the Ballerina Liquid Pearls.

For this card, I wanted a little more a  masculine feel so I chose to back the card with Sapphire verses the Capri and pinks.  Paired with that, I used the Deep Water Liquid Pearls verses the Ballerina.  This color is absolutely beautiful!  It is bold and vibrant and works so well with anything Sapphire.

For those who would like to create cards like these, below are the supplies that I used.  For those who would like a pre-cut and pre-stamped kit of this card set.  The set includes 8 cards: 2 each of 4 designs.  Click here for to order your own set, or for ordering details.

Supplies used:  All current supplies are available at:  (Z4310) Circle Shaker Window Foam & Acetate, (Z4309) Circle Shaker Window Thin Cuts, (Z4583) Honey Butter Shimmer Brush, (Z4288) Capri Shimmer Brush, (Z3606) Raspberry Shimmer Brush, (Z3814) Flamingo Shimmer Brush, (Z3798) Ballerina Liquid Pearls, (Z4602) Deep Water Liquid Pearls, (Z2805) Black Exclusive Ink Pad, (X6050) Flamingo cs, (X5957) Sapphire cs, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X6066) Honey Butter cs, (X6057) Capri cs, (X8033S) Flower Shoppe Paper Pack with Stickers, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z4105) Circle Windows Slimline Thin Cuts, (X257) Slimline Card Bases & Envelopes, (X254) Value Cards & Envelopes.

Sassfully yours,


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Peter Cottontail has nothing our our Easter Gnomes!

 So in love with our newest addition to our gnome collection: the Easter Gnomes!  They are absolutely adorable.  Pair them with Daisy, Daisy, and oh my sassiness!!!

So with that being said, I would like to introduce my newest class kit which includes a VIRTUAL class where I teach you all of the techniques incorporated in this layout: and there are so MANY!

I created a coloring chart for the colors that I used to color my gnomes.  I am not very good at blending, so I colored them directly.  You, of course, could use any colors that you wanted however these are the ones that I felt best complimented Daisy, Daisy.  

In this layout, I used a technique to create your own woodgrain paper by Tawnya Roberts.  My inking color of choice was Linen which gives a subtle inked look without overpowering the paper.  

I also used a mosaic technique with acetate shared by Laura Beacham and incorporated those strips as accent strips on both pages of the layout.  These will be pre-done for you in the kits, however during the class, I will teach how to create them step-by-step.

I used three of the gnomes from our Easter Gnome stamp & Thin Cut set.  The shimmer brushes added such fun and shimmer to each of these!

Here is the stamp set with Thin Cuts.  It is also available without the Thin Cuts.
Here are a few photos of the details of the wreath created with Daisy, Daisy:

Supplies used:  (retired) Daisy, Daisy Paper Pack, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X6040) Clover cs, (X6030) Evergreen cs, (X6036) Ballerina cs, (X6050) Flamingo cs, (Z4682) Easter Gnomes Stamp & Thin Cuts, (CC11211) Deck the Palms Paper Pack & Stickers, (Z3843) Ballerina Glitter Paper, (Z3798) Ballerina Liquid Pearls, (Z2824) Linen Exclusive Ink Pad, (Z2805) Black Exclusive Ink Pad, (Z4588) Ballerina Shimmer Brush, (Z4224) Black Shimmer Brush, (Z3293) Clear Shimmer Brush, (Z2498) True Black Marker, (Z2485) Light Green Blend Tri-Blend Marker, (Z2521) Alpine Green Tri-Blend Marker, (Z2530) Pale Pink Shades Tri-Blend Marker, (Z2476) Fair Skin Blend Tri-Blend Marker, (Z9963) 12" x 12" Acetate, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z5024) Red Line Tape.   Additionally, a scoring board was used.  Current supplies can be ordered on my website at:

Class/kit details:  I will be teaching this as a virtual class on May 13th at 2PM. Everyone who orders the kit will be invited to the Layout specific Facebook Group where the class will be taught and will have access to watch the replay. All of the pieces are pre-cut & pre-stamped for you and the bases are pre-scored. In the class, we will ink the scored bases to give them a woodgrain feel. I used Linen Exclusive Ink - you can use this or another ink color of your choice. The gnomes can be colored as desired, or you can use the colors that I used. Additional supplies needed are Ballerina Liquid Pearls. These can all be added to your kit in the drop down menu when ordering if you are in need of them. I can't wait to share this class with you!

To snag your kit, and register for the virtual class, click here.

Sassfully yours,


Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Daisy, Daisy!!!

 This layout features the highly acclaimed Daisy, Daisy paper collection and Thin Cut set that sold out in record time. It is most definitely one of my favorites that I created with this collection.  The layered Thin Cut daisies are absolutely beautiful!!!  The photo just cannot do them justice.

I found that when putting the layered flowers together, they work well to have foam in between a variance of layers. So, for i.e. - I popped up the bottom flower on all 6 but once that was done, they were popped up in different places - Daisy 1 might have it popped up under layer 3 and 5 while Daisy 3 might have them between layer 2 and 4 and so forth.

Outside of the thin cut daisies, I believe my favorite part is the small glitter dots that I created with my hand held hole punch and then popped them up on the Thin Foam Dots.  Such a small detail but goodness the wow factor! LOVE, Love, LOVE this technique!

To see a larger view of the layout, simply click on the photo and it will open up larger in a new window.

details of the thin cut daisies

Title details - cut with the Slim Alphabet Thin Cuts (now retired)

accent glitter dot details

This kit is now available ala carte' (click here) as well as in the full in the Joys of the Season Spring Collection (click here).  The kit includes all of the pre-cut daisies, 1/2 sheet of foam Thin Foam Dots and pieces to create the layout shown. Additionally, as the layout was taught in a virtual event, purchasers will have access to the on-line step by step class along with detailed instructions and a color photo.

Supplies used:  (retired) Daisy, Daisy Paper Pack & Thin Cuts, (X6036) Ballerina cardstock, (Z3843) Ballerina Glitter Paper, (1385) White Daisy cs, (retired) Thin Foam Dots, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (retired) Red Line Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner.  Current supplies are available at:  

Sassyfully yours,

Monday, April 3, 2023

Hope & Kindness meets White Gloss Spray!

It's been awhile!! One of my personal goals for the spring is to get back into blogging here!  And, so I thought I would start with a card that I recently created using the (Z5010) White Gloss Spray, the (CC5223) Hope & Kindness textured cardstock (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! this paper!) I cannot get enough of it truthfully! AND, the (CC5226) Fancy Doilies Thin Cuts.

The White Gloss, & Gilt Spray are my new found loves - and when sprayed on this textured cardstock the wow factor magnifies!  It just pops beyond all popping and stands out quite elegantly as seen here.

A tip: to create the splatter around the 1/2 scalloped circle, create a mask by taking the same 1/2 circle and covering the holes with post-it notes.  Position the mask as desired and splatter around the mask.  Remove the mask, allow to dry for a few minutes before adhering the actual 1/2 scalloped circle.  The mask then can be used over and over again to create additional cards.

Hope & Kindness Textured Cardstock

Fancy Doilies Thin Cuts
White Gloss Spray

Other products used are:  (Z6533) Harbour Exclusive Ink, (M1313) Thoughts & Prayers Stamp set, (retired) Hope & Kindness Paper & stickers & (Z2542) Harbour Glitter paper.   These items can be found on my website at:  The card kit shown above can be found in my shop at:

Sassfully yours,

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

25 Layouts of Christmas - Layout 8: Priceless.

This layouts calls to the inner Disney heart in you!  Right??  Of course, if my head, it was designed for Disney themed photos, however it could certainly be used to document other life events and or moments as well.  I adore how well the various pattern papers work so well together!  The colors are classic together.

This layout will hold a wealth of photos - (4) 4" x 6" (2) 4" and (3) 3".  Additional photos could be added with Flip Flaps as desired.


Following the sketch-like "feel" of the layout, the individual circles are cut from the patterned paper.

multi-pattern detail

The Large Black Dot embellishments are a bold addition to the layout that blend in yet stand out!

pennant cluster detail

The title is Cricut Cut with the polka dot paper adhered to the back of the title.

Supplies used:  (CC7201) Happiest Place Paper Pack, (Z4634) Black & White Dots, (X6038) Candy Apple cs, (X6047) Black cs, (X7265S) Sweet Safari Paper Pack, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner.  The current supplies can be found on my Close To My Heart website at:

This layout (available in limited quantities and while supplies last), and the accompanying product special for today can be found in my shop by clicking here.

The All-Purpose Mat is yours today for just $20! These are incredibly awesome! I position mine under my Versa Mats and use them for everything from adhesive to splattering.  They are easy to clean off and are just simply a "must-have".

Sassyfully yours,

Monday, December 12, 2022

25 Layouts of Christmas 2022 - Layout 7: Deck the Halls

Today, my featured layout shows a different side to the Christmas Story paper suite than I have created before.  I wanted a layout that used the beautiful, detailed, pinstripe patterned paper, as well as a layout that was timeless and not as busy.  I designed this one so that the details of the photos would really shine and not be over-powered by the details of the layout.  I am delighted with the end results!

Title & splatter detail

Single ornament detail: the ornament is created then popped up with Thin Foam Tape to create depth.  The wood brackets are painted with Gilt Spray and the background is splattered.

Multiple ornament detail:  the ornaments are created and then popped up with Thin Foam Tape.  The background is splattered with the Gold Gilt Spray.

Supplies used:  (X7286S) Christmas Story Paper Pack, (Z5009) Gilt Gloss Spray, (X6070) Pine cs, (X6046) French Vanilla cs, (X6049) Scarlet cs, (X5950) Toffee cs, (Z4572) Blending Brushes, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z341) Mini-Glue Dots, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (retired) Wood Brackets.  The current supplies can be found on my Close To My Heart website at:

This layout is now available in my shop at: while supplies last.  Here are the details on this layout, and on today's product special of the Versa Mats!

Sassfully yours,