Saturday, September 12, 2020

Gingerbread Flip Flap Book

Such a fun way to create a mini-album -- with our signature Flip Flaps!  This book concept was designed by fellow consultant Jen Patrick and I adore it!! I have made several variations, but this Gingerbread one is my all time favorite!!  I love how the French Vanilla looks like the royal icing on the little gingerbread men!  




Click here for a video teaching you how to create this cute little book!!

You can purchase the kit to create this book, or others like it, in my In All Sassiness Designs shop at:

Supplies used:  Supplies used: (Z3293) Clear Shimmer Brush, (Z3231) 4” x 6” Flip Flaps, (Z3639) Scalloped Circle Thin Cut, (X6044) Peach cs, (X5950) Toffee cs, (Z2828) Toffee Exclusive Ink Pad, (Z2805) Black Ink Pad, (Z6045) Rose Gold Loose Sequins, (Z4023) Thin Cuts - Square Multi Windows, (D1884)) From Candyland Stamp Set, (Z2068) White Fine Embossing Powder, (Z891) VersaMark, (Z3662) Toffee Shimmer Brush, (Z3661) Peach Shimmer Brush, (X6046) French Vanilla cs, (1385) White Daisy cs, (Z2060) Thin 3-d Foam tape, (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots, ((Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z3340) Dual Tip Permanent Glue Pen.   All of the current items may be purchased on my Close To My Heart website at:

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Oh so many "Little Buddies"!

Close To My Heart's stamp set Little Buddies is just about to retire and be placed in the CTMH vault forever.  I just couldn't let this happen before I shared a card that I created with this adorable set!  The animals in this set are so stinkin' cute!!  With a wealth of cute little buddies, the cat and dog are just too cute for words - and my favorites!  This card was inspired by a fellow CTMH consultant Chris Franco and when I saw Chris', I just had to create a version of it for my Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Pet presentation this coming week.

To create the card, I used the rectangle multi-window frame Thin Cuts and stamped underneath the squares inside the windows with the cat and dog leaving a space for paw prints and my sentiment.  Once these were all stamped, I lifted the grid and colored them in with my Tri-Blend markers.  After all of the pets were colored, I used that same multi-window frame that was cut from our new to be released (on Sept. 1st) Wood Grain paper and adhered it over the stamped images.  The combined pieces were then popped up with Thin 3-d Foam tape and adhered to a Black base.  The Black base was then adhered to the card front.  By waiting until after the images were colored, I left myself a little wiggle room in case I messed up on the coloring of one of the images.  If I had, I could simply stamp that pet again on a scrap of paper and adhere it over the original image before the grid was adhered and no one would be the wiser.  Once the grid was put into place, I used the Clear Shimmer Brush to trace over the stitched line.  I love how this adds just a little shimmer to the canvas!

Overall, such a simple card to create, with a wow-factor of returns!

As mentioned, the Little Buddies stamp set retires on August 31st.  It can be still ordered on my CTMH site at: or can be ordered as a bundle with 4 pre-cut, pre-stamped cards shown here.  This bundle can be found in my In All Sassiness Designs shop at:  In addition, if not interested in the stamp set, but still love the cards, those are available separate from the Bundle in my shop as well.  Lots of choices to bring these Little Buddies into your life!

Supplies used:  (X8017) Wood Grain Paper - available September 1st, (C1856) Little Buddies Stamp Set, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X6047) Black cs, (Z4023) Rectangle Multi-Window Thin Cut, (X254) Value Cards and Envelopes,  (Z3293) Clear Shimmer Brush, (Z2479) Gold Brown Tri-Blend Marker, (Z2478) Earth Brown Tri-Blend Marker, (Z4277) Tan Tri-Blend Marker, (Z2475) Brown Grey Tri-Blend Marker, (Z2805) Black Exclusive Ink Pad, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z341) Mini-Glue Dots, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner.  The current product can be purchased on my website at:

Sassfully yours,

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Flowers, kitties, and wood grains. The perfect combinations!

I love the August Stamp of the Month Floral Celebration, and when I saw this new Wood Grain white plank paper that will be available on September 1st, I had to pair the two together!

When I looked at the wooden plank paper, I couldn't help but notice the shades of white and creams so I wanted to thread both throughout the layout.  That being said, I chose to use the White Daisy and the French Vanilla cardstock together and then stamped the flowers on both shades of cardstock with Espresso and Toffee - both in first and second generation stamping.  Each of the flowers were then cut out by hand, layered with Thin and Regular Foam Tape and then arranged as a flourishing row on a double matted piece of cardstock.  My suggestion if re-creating, stamp several extras from both shades and then piece with what tucks and works well for you.  Once the floral columns were created and adhered down, I stamped the littlest solid flower around the outside edges of the flowers to add a little more character.  In addition, to add some texture, I added some knots of a burlap ribbon to several of the flower centers.

If you look very closely, you will see hidden paw-prints stamped...similar to the concept of the "hidden Mickey's" with Disney.  I discretely stamped little paw-prints within the clustering flowers and on the title piece.  I loved how they added a little bit of fun, and hopefully, a smile or two.  I also added the subtitle "cattitude is everything" from our new Cattitude stamp set.  Super cute and fun!  

August Stamp of the Month - Floral Celebration

Cattitude (available Sept. 1)
(available on September 1, 2020.)

Supplies used:  (coming soon! - X8017) Wood Grain Paper Pack, (S2008) August 2020 Stamp of the Month: Floral Celebration, (coming soon! - D1953) Cattitude, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X6046) French Vanilla cs, (Z2829) Espresso Exclusive Ink, (X5950) Toffee Exclusive Ink, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z341) Mini-Glue Dots, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner.

If you would like to re-create this layout on your own, the supplies are listed above and may be purchased on my CTMH website at:  If you would like to purchase a pre-stamped version, it is now available in my shop at:  It is available stamped with both the paw-prints stamped and without the paw-prints stamped - you may choose what works best for you!  Please allow about a week for preparation.

Now that I have shared the details of the layouts, I wanted to share how I completed my layout with my personal photographs.  This is our cat Maple (although Gabriel will attest that she is just his)!  She is such sweetheart and has all of our hearts.  These pictures were taken around the time that the Covid-19 began and we joked that she was thinking "when, oh when will these kids go back to school?"!  Regardless of whether these were her thoughts or not, I absolutely adore this picture of her (the one on the left) and HAD to scrapbook it!

Sassfully yours,

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Rainbow Bridge Cards

This morning I wanted to take a few minutes and share a set of cards created with a stamp set that I am just in love with:  The Rainbow Bride Stamp Set!

This set is a "must" have for both the pet lover, and card maker, and is available in two variations: as a stand alone stamp set as well as a stamp with Thin Cut combination.  It is certainly a do-able stamp set for fussy cutting if you will, but having that option for the Thin Cuts just makes creating so much faster and easier - I particularly love how the cat and dog cut out so seamlessly!  And that paw print heart is certain to leave paw prints on your heart.

These are the two cards that I created using the Rainbow Bridge set.  The paper in the dog card is from the December Mix In Paper collection which is now retired and you might notice that the paper that the dog is cut and stamped from looks new?  That is because it is!!  This is from the new Wood Grain paper pack that premiers on September 1st!  I love this new paper and how it partnered with the stamp/thin cut for the dog...the wood grain makes it look like the dog's fur.  Love, love, love it!

You will note that the clouds are all layered and stacked at random heights.  These are almost all adhered flat at the bottom of the clouds and then have a Thin Foam Tape supporting the tops of the clouds - this adds so much dimension to the clouds!  Such a different feel verses elevating the entire cloud.  

A few more elements worth drawing your attention to: my favorite element, although it doesn't photograph well, is the halo over the dog.  This was cut with the Holographic Dreamy Paper and when it catches the light it truly looks like a halo!  I also adore the angel wings on the kitty.  This was attached like we do with butterfly wings - the foam tape is only supporting the center of the wings and then the two sides are gently folded forward.  They are also brushed with the Clear Shimmer Brush to add that "heavenly" translucent feel. The same Clear Shimmer Brush was also brushed along some of the inside curvatures of the clouds to add that must have shimmer!

These two cards are available as a pre-cut and pre-stamped kit in my In All Sassiness Designs shop. The kit includes 2 of each design You can see them here at:  

Supplies used:
(D1862) Rainbow Bridge Stamp set, OR (Z4084) Rainbow Bridge Thin Cut/Stamp Set combination, (Z2805) Black Exclusive Ink, (Z2831) Charcoal Exclusive Ink, (Z3293) Clear Shimmer Brush, (1385) White Daisy cs, (retired) Mix-In Paper, (X254) Value Card & Envelopes, () Holographic Dreamy Paper, (Z2481) Tri-Blend Marker Coral Blend, (Z2493) Tri-Blend Lavender Blend, (Z2496) Tri-Blend Pale Pink Blend, (Z2488) Tri-Blend Green Turquoise Blend, (Z2483) Tri-Blend Light Yellow Blend, (Z2490) Tri-Blend Ice Blue Blend, (Z2475) Tri-Blend Brown Grey Blend, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z341) Mini-Glue Dots, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner.  The current product can be purchased on my website at:

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What a Ride! Layout

Introducing the Happiest Place collection with a fun, and interactive, Flip flap addition!  This layout was created to capture moments that were full of fun - whether it be at an amusement park, a carnival, street fair or even Disney!  I love the simplicity of the layout and how it highlights the photos.  

Although not seen in the picture here because of the camera glare, the flip flap is attached to the top of the page protector.  The flip flap is filled with Silver Star Confetti and then sealed with red-line double sided tape.  A strip of Black Shimmer Trim is adhered over the inside seal of the flip flap and then a second piece is adhered on the top of the flip flap overlapping where it shows through on the opposite side.  Trim the edges of the shimmer trim to fit the edges of the flip flap.  I love the magic that the confetti filled flip flap adds! Thanks to Close To My Heart for showing this technique to me!  

The ferris wheel is such a cute sticker!  So detailed!  This is popped up on Thin Foam Tape and a small Glacier star sticker is added to the center of the spokes. 

The other detail that I love is the stamped title ""#whee!".  This is stamped with our new stamp Magical Alphabet with Black Ink. I inked the stamps and then I daubed a sponge lightly over the stamps before stamping them onto White Daisy cs.  By doing this, it allowed the stamping to looked "chalky" like the confetti patterned paper is. It is then cut out, and adhered to the photo with Thin Foam Tape.  This is such a cute font - a must have for all stampers and scrapbookers and I am sure one that I will use over and over again!

Supplies used: (CC2701) Happiest Place Paper Pack & Stickers, (Z1809) Black Shimmer Trim, (D1937( Magical Alphabet Stamp Set, (Z3314) Black & White Dots, (Z2900) Silver Star Confetti, (Z3235) 4” x 4” Flip Flaps, (X6047) Black cs, () White Daisy cs, (Z2060) Thin 3-d Foam tape, (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots, ((Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z3340) Dual Tip Permanent Glue Pen.   All of the current items may be purchased on my Close To My Heart website at:

If you love this layout, the "What a Ride" Layout kit, can be purchased in my In All Sassiness Designs Shop by clicking here.

Sassfully yours, 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Shaker Element Banners

So, I have a confession to make. I am passionately obsessed about our shaker elements!  And not just a little obsessed...we are talking majorly obsessed!  I love to think out-of-the-box and see what I can do with them.  Of course, they are designed for our cards, but have found that I love incorporate them in my scrapbooking layouts, and most recently, I have used them to create both ornaments and banners.

When Close To My Heart first introduced the Summer Vibes collection, the little pink flamingo found in the Acrylic Shapes took my heart! I knew right away that I wanted to use this for home decor in my daughter's room.  She claims that flamingos are her spirit animal and she loves anything pink!  So I played with several ideas and came up the idea of using the shaker elements to create a banner and that I have started, I just cannot stop creating them!  

This is the banner that I created for Abby's room!  It uses our new color that is appropriately called "Flamingo", the Acrylic Shapes, and our Silver Foil paper.  To incorporate the elements that I wanted to use (I wanted three of that cute flower for placement), I used three sets of the Acrylic shapes but you could certainly alter to so that you could use just one set.

Here is a banner that I created to hang on our Christmas tree - but it could easily be used on an interior door or as a wall hanging.  This one was created with a retired paper collection and it is available to purchase in my In All Sassiness Designs shop while supplies last.

Supplies used:  (Z4310) Shaker Window Foam and Acetate, (Z3366) Silver Foil Paper, (retired) Beary Christmas paper, (Z4304) Silver Loose Sequins, (Z341) Mini-Glue Dots, (Z679) Liquid Glass, (X7258C) Summer Vibes Coordinating Cardstock (Flamingo), (X7258E) Summer Vibes Acrylix Shapes, (Z4182) Thin Cuts - Stitched Hearts, (Z4309) Thin Cuts - Shaker Window and Confetti, (Z3563) Diamond Stickles and Ribbon.  Current Close To My Heart products may be purchased at:

Note:  There will be a video posted soon with a step-by-step on how to create the shaker element banners.

Create sassily!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Ladybug Happies!

"Lots and lots of ladybugs"  my favorite quote from Under the Tuscan Sun!  And I adore ladybugs!  They are just a little smile waiting to happen and these little "happies" are no exception!  

These are one of my many create and takes for my presentation in the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo @ Home Virtual Expo on Saturday @ 10:30am Pacific.  (Click here to find out all the details.)  I would love for you to join me!!  Each create and take will have a how to video in the description so that you can follow along and create with me.  Step-by-step.

The kit comes with pre-cut and pre-scored boxes, pre-stamped wings, the needed ribbons, Shaker disks and foam, loose sequins, brads, patterned paper, scallops, three treat tubes, detailed instructions and a color photo.  In addition, if you would like to create additional boxes, you will receive the Cricut Design Space file.  You will need to have CTMH's Artiste' and Stitched Together Cricut Collections to cut the file.  If you don't have these already, you can always purchase them using my Cricut affiliate and I will receive a small commission.

Box style one:  Treat tubes.  So cute right?  There is a treat tube filled with red and black jellybeans (not included) extended from the little box.  The tube supports the ladybug.  Here you can also see the wings in full flight!  The tag has a ric-rack hanger that is anchored to the tube to keep the ladybug in place.

Box style 2:  angled box

Box style three:  Rectangle Box.

The ladybug Thin Cut and stamp are available on my Close To My Heart website, however I am also offering them as a part of my Expo Participant specials.  You can access that link by clicking here.

B1703 Hello Ladybug

Z3710 Ladybug Thin Cut

Here is a step-by-step how-to video that teaches you how to create these sassy boxes!

Click here to order this adorable kit before it takes flight and retires!