Sunday, March 29, 2020

Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Happy Day is right!  I am so happy to be sharing this layout with you tonight!  This layout came about as an idea to create something special for all of my scrapbookers that had attended my recent Shamrock Crop - the weekend before all of this craziness reached us here in Virginia.  Our crop was fabulous, yet it was overshadowed by this virus and I knew that many of my attendees were now at home and in the scrappin' mood - as self therapy and to comply with the social distancing.  I wanted to design a layout that they could create at home with the supplies I had already "gifted" them at our event and with me only needing to add a few pieces that could easily, and cost effectively be shipped to them.  At the same time, I have been teaching my clients new, and creative, ways to use our shaker card elements so I wanted to incorporate them into this layout.  So, below is what I came up with!

The layout features the Sapphire, Wisteria and Julep shades found in the Every Little Thing paper collection.  I was able to incorporate two shaker elements both used in different ways and to add some sparkle with the Stickles!  

To see a larger view of the layout, click on the photograph and it will open in a larger window.

Shaker card element one - the butterfly is adhered with Thin 3-d foam tape and the stickers are flat.  The sequins are adhered with Mini Glue Dots underneath the acetate and rim.

Shaker card element two - a "traditional" shaker card but adhered to the layout verses a card.  

Flower details - popped up with Thin 3-d Foam Tape, detailed with Diamond Stickles and Loose Sequins cascading and flourishing around the flowers.  Stickles are dotted inside of the sequins.

Title detail - popped up on Thin 3-D Foam tape and detailed with Diamond Stickles.

Not great at tracing circles for stencils to cut your photos?  No worries, for the smaller photos, I used the Shaker Card dies to cut my photos - the rim for the full circles and the inside of the stitched rim for the smaller matted photos.  Super easy, quick and fun!  That only left the large photo to trace and trim.

For my own personal layout, I used pictures of Abby with Belle during our trip to Disneyworld.  I loved these pictures with this paper collection because several of the pictures have light green and purple undertones in them - created from the dimmed lights.  As there was only one little bit of yellow in the layout - found in one of the flowers - I opted to color a few of the small daisy type flowers with my waterbrush and Canary ink for a soft subtle look and to carry the yellow from the dresses through.

Close up of larger triple matted photo.

Close up of small circle photos.

Supplies used:  (Z2060) Thin 3-d Foam tape, (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots, ((Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z3340) Dual Tip Permanent Glue Pen. (X7248S) Every Little Thing Paper Pack, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X6029) Julep cs, (X6032) Wisteria cs,  (Z4309) Thin Cuts - Shaker Window and Confetti, (Z4310) Shaker Card Foam and Acetate, (Z3566) Julep Loose Sequins, (Z3563) Diamond Stickles.  These items can be purchased by clicking here for my CTMH website:

Signature Class kits of this layout are available in my In All Sassiness Designs shop!  You can purchase one of these, and other layout kits designed by myself, by clicking:

Hugs, Tonya

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Did you ever see an elephant fly?

Why yes, I have seen an elephant fly!  At the Dumbo ride at Disneyworld.  This layout was designed just for that for my family, but I have included an alternate title of "zip-a-dee-doo-dah" for those who have other "magical" plans for this layout!

The layout has a balanced mixture of bold Disney colors, Minnie's signature polka dots, and black glitter for pizzaz!  Partner that with with the intricate scalloped borders and fun patterned circles and it is magic in the making.  Of course, the layout doesn't have to be for your Disney photos - there are many other possibilities by just changing the title.

I love how the large patterned circle compliments the little circles and polka dots throughout the layout!

Here is the layout with my photographs and memories on it.

Above flip flap

This is underneath the 4" x 6" flip flap that is on the upper photograph on the right page.

lower photograph

Supplies used:  (Z4181) Thin Cuts - Stitched Circles, (X6047) Black cs, (1385) White Daisy cs, (Z3236) Black Glitter Paper, (Z3231) 4" x 6" Flip Flaps, (Z3314) Black and White Dots.  (retired) Magical paper, Cranberry cs, Black Fundamentals Accents, Thin Cuts - Scalloped Borders.  Current supplies may be ordered on my website at:

This kit is now available in my In All Sassiness Designs Shop.  You may purchase it by clicking here.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Sweet unicorn tags.

Looking for a rainy day, or virus-demanded stay-at-home project?  This little tag won both my daughter's and my hearts at hello!  What a fun project to create and to gift to friends, or even as random acts of kindness right?  

First, and foremost, I didn't design this project myself.  Close To My Heart designed this tag, and it was featured in our current Idea Book.  I simply took their design, determined how to re-create it, tweaked it to fit my needs and then made it happen.  

I loved the colors that CTMH used, however the "unicorn suckers" that I found were different shades which meant I needed to tweak the cardstock colors of my tag to coordinate with my suckers. For the bright set, I chose to use: Pixie, Green Apple, Bluebird, and Gypsy (now retired but the closest shade of purple that I could find).  For ink colors, I used Pixie (pink) and the Intense Black.  And for the primary set I chose:  Candy Apple, Nectarine, Canary, Clover, Bluebird, and again that Gypsy with an ink color of Candy Apple.

How to create the bright tag:
1.  Cut 1/4" x 12" strips of chosen cardstock.  Adhere these to a piece of 2 3/4" x 12" White Daisy cardstock with a flat adhesive - alternating the light and dark sides of the cardstock for more color variation.  I used the CTMH Adhesive Runner and it worked perfectly.  Once adhered down, use the largest oval in the Oval Thin Cuts to cut the oval multi-color pieces.  You should be able to get 6 from this strip.  Set aside.

2.  Using the stitched Oval Thin Cut and White Daisy cs, cut desired number of ovals with the largest stitched oval.  Stamp the unicorn horn, ears, and eye lashes onto this oval with Intense Black Exclusive Ink.  Set aside to dry for a few minutes.
3.  With the Cricut, cut the White Daisy and Pixie tags from Design Space.
4.  Stamp the unicorn sentiment onto the bottom of the White Daisy tag with Pixie Exclusive Ink.
5.  Center, and adhere, the White Daisy tag into the Pixie tag.
6.  Center, and adhere, the Unicorn oval inside the multi-strip oval with Thin Foam Tape.
7.  Center, and adhere, the combined multi-color oval to the White Daisy with Thin Foam Tape.
8. Using a waterbrush, add a little bit of Pixie ink to the inside of both of the unicorn's ears.  Allow to dry a few minutes.  Then, go over the watercolored pink with the Bashful Shimmer Brush.
9.  Using the Gold Shimmer Brush, brush the inside of the unicorn's horn.  Repeat for a darker gold.
10.  Thread a piece of ribbon through the tag's hole and tie a bow to the front of the tag.
11.  Attach tag to a sucker and you are good to go!

Note: For the primary tag, just switch out the colors!

Supplies used:  (Z3316) Gold Shimmer Brush, (retired) Bashful Shimmer Brush, (Z2844) Pixie Exclusive Ink, (Z4189) Intense Black Exclusive Ink, (Z3224) Small Waterbrush, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X5984) Pixie cs, (X6031) Green Apple cs, (retired) Gypsy cs, (X6037) Bluebird cs, (X6038) Candy Apple cs, (Z6509) Candy Apple Exclusive Ink Pad, (X6040) Clover cs, (X5982) Canary cs, (X6043) Nectarine cs,  (retired) Thin Cuts - Basic Ovals (could use a Cricut cut for this), (Z4187) Thin Cuts - Stitched Oval, (Z3706) Unicorn Dreams Stamp and Thin Cut, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (retired) ribbon.  All current supplies may be purchased in my CTMH shop at:

Cricut Design Space file:  If you have CTMH's Art Philosophy, here is the file I used to create the tags.  If you do not have Art Philosophy, and would like to purchase it, you can use my affiliate link and shop by using this link.

For those who prefer pre-cut, and pre-stamped tags ready-to-create, they are also available in my shop at:

Monday, March 16, 2020

Scrappin' with my Gnomies!

This past weekend I held my annual Shamrock Crop which is the highlight of my business year.  This event is my happy place.  It is where I can pamper my clients, who over the years have become dear friends and family and I strive to do that with every little detail.

So how ironic that I chose to theme this year's crop around CTMH's Every Little Thing paper suite?  Each year, I create a layout that I give to the attendees in a kit form, that they can then create to celebrate their memories from our time shared together.

This year's layout is by far my favorite as it truly celebrates our friendships -- because after all, these people are my "gnomies".

This is the full spread of the layout that I created.  To see a larger image of the layout, simply click on the layout and it will pop up in a new window.

This is what is found underneath the 4" x 4" flip flap on the right page: for my attendees, this was their table tag with their name on it.  For my kit version it will just say "pinch proof". 

The little gnomes have so much detail in them!  They completely win your heart over!  Here are close ups of them so you can see for yourself.

Title details:  Each letter is popped up with Thin 3-d foam tape.  The title is anchored on either side by gold shamrocks, also popped up with Thin 3-d foam tape and a embellishment in the center of each shamrock.

These are the details of the upper left corner of the left page.  Sweet and simple yet quite impactful.

Banner details:  each of the little banners are flagged and there is a mix of stitched, and non-stitched elements and shapes in between.  Most of the banners are popped up with Thin 3-d foam tape.  Glitter Gems are used in the long banner and around the outside of the right edge for additional, and subtle, bling power.

Supplies used:  Supplies used: (Z2060) Thin 3-d Foam tape, (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots, ((Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z3340) Dual Tip Permanent Glue Pen. (X7248S) Every Little Thing Paper Pack, (X9011) Mix-In Paper Pack, (Z3365) Gold Foil Paper, (Z3507) Julep Glitter Gems, (Z3506) Julep Glitter Paper, (X6047) Black cs, (X6040) Evergreen cs, (X6029) Julep cs, (X5949) Almond cs, (1385) White Daisy cs, (Z3609) Julep Shimmer Trim, (Z3235) 4” x 4” Flip Flaps, (Z3230) 3” x 4” Flip Flaps. All of the current items may be purchased on my Close To My Heart website at:

This kit is now available to non-shamrockers! It includes a pre-cut variation of the title - "hangin' in case you want to use the layout for something other than "scrappin".   You can purchase it in my In All Sassiness Designs shop for $25.  You will receive all of the pre-cut pieces, detailed instructions, a full pack of Julep Glitter gems, and several color photos to help you in the creating process.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Holographic Paper for the win!

At Close To My Heart, we have a new paper type that was introduced earlier this year - it is a Holographic paper and is available in as Oasis color (shades of greens and purples) and a Dreamy (shades of purples and silvers).  

I worked with this paper for the first time last night and am now addicted to it, and it's possibilities!  For starters, and to my surprise, it cuts beautifully on the Cricut.  I set my material to light cardstock and even for intricate cut it cut very clean and seamlessly.  Next, I tried a stitched Thin Cut and the end result was equally beautiful.  The stitches popped and the cut was clean and crisp.  The paper cut easily with my trimmer and adhered down quite nicely.  I was worried about fingerprints but was delighted to discover I could wipe those right off.  As far as appearance - the Holographic was beautiful and added an elegant feel to my project.  I am sold! Overall, my only complaint is that photographing art with the paper doesn't do the paper justice - you simply have to try it for yourself to see it's look and feel.

So, what was my project that I incorporated this paper in?  I created a Tinkerbell layout and wanted to use this for the dandelion.  Breathtaking!  The difference it made was truly amazing!  To see a larger picture of the layout, simply click the layout and it will open in a larger format in a new window.

Left wreath details - Cricut cuts made from the Holographic paper.

Journaling space - to create this look, the Shimmer Trim was cut in half lengthwise and adhered inside the heart wreath.  This serves as journaling lines and the journaling can be written above the trim.

Stitched flower details - right side.
Wreath details - the wreath is multiple layers.  The patterned hearts are adhered underneath the top layer.  The solid hearts are adhered with Thin 3-d foam tape to the base so that they are higher than the top layer.  Partnered together, they complete the layout.

Using many of the same elements, and images, I created these 4 cards to coordinate with the layout.  

Supplies used:  
(X7248) Every Little Thing Paper Pack, (X6032) Wisteria cs, (X6029) Julep cs, (Z3609) Julep Shimmer Trim, (Z3507) Julep Glitter Gems, (Z3570) Wisteria Ribbon, (X6047) Black cs, (X6030) Evergreen cs, (Z3636) Oasis Holographic Paper, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3341) Thin Foam Dots, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner. (Z679) Liquid Glass. (retired) Thin Cuts - Stitched Flowers.  The current Close To My Heart products may be purchased on my website by clicking here.

Pre-cut layout kits are now available in my In All Sassiness Designs Shop.  They include all of the pre-cut hearts, flowers and wreaths as well as needed bases, bulk Julep Shimmer Trim and Glitter Gems, detailed instructions and a color photo.  In addition, if you would like an alternate title, I can include the title of your choice for a $2 donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - just indicate in the message box.  Because this layout does require a lot of adhesive, I have added my participant adhesive add on bundle as an option as well - this includes an Adhesive Runner and package of Foam Tape for $12 which is a $4 discount.  The coordinating card set is available as an add on for $7.50.  

If you prefer to cut your layout yourself, the instruction guide, supply list and digital files are available as an option. These include everything except Tinkerbell's shadow which can be purchased on ETSY for $1.99.  That link is also in the instructions.  The digital files/instructions are $10.  You will need either Cricut Access or the following Digital Cartridges to complete the cutting:  Close To My Heart Flower Market, Cricut Basic Shapes (square), DunJuan Font, Wall Decor and More (basic heart).

Monday, March 2, 2020

Complete Gnom-ness! (or cuteness in gnome!)

Are you ready??  I have to share this super cute, and fun, workshop that I designed for my upcoming Shamrock Crop.  Gnomes have been taking over the world, and my event, and I just had to design a home decor project that captured their sweetness!

This is a 6" x 6" White Shadow Box (which is included in the kit), and I have added Cricut cut gnomes, as well as other materials to create the project.  The paper featured is from the (X7248S) Every Little Thing Paper pack.  Other featured elements are the (Z3365) Gold Foil Paper, (Z3507) Julep Glitter Gems, (Z3609) Julep Shimmer Trim, (X6029) Julep cs, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X5949) Almond cs, (X6047) Black cs, (X6030) Evergreen cs and of course (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots.

If you are interested in taking part in this workshop, it will be Saturday, March 14th from 11am-noon at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton, VA.  If you are not able to make it, you may also purchase the kit in my shop, and I can ship it to you.  The cost of the kit is $22 and includes the Shadow Box, pre-cut pieces, 1/2 pack of Foam Dots, bulk Julep Glitter Gems detailed instructions and a color photo.  You can register for the workshop, or order the kit, in my In All Sassiness Designs Shop by clicking here.  If attending the class in person, please register my March 10th so that I can cut your kit.

Artist note:  the Gnomes were purchased as an SVG file from Art Boutique Butterfly and then formatted, and adapted, for the Cricut, and this project by myself.

Fun in the Sun Layout!

It has been awhile since my last post as I have been so busy creating like a busy little bee!  Today, Close To My Heart launched a new Spring Idea Book and in it is this beachy Seas the Day collection.  My favorite item in the collection is this stinkin' cute little crab stamp and coordinating Thin Cut that is in the Seas the Day Cardmaking Kit.  This stamp set/Thin Cut set is exclusive to the card making kit however I just had to use it in a layout for two reasons--first, he is just so stinkin' cute (did I say that already?) and second I wanted to show that the card sets can also be used in our scrapbooks making them even more versatile to our collections.  

This is the card making set, and the cards that it is designed to create.  The pun verses are super cute and funny too!

So from this set, I created this 2 page, 12" x 12" layout.  You can click on the layout for it to open in a new window.

If you look closely at the little crab, the title and the different elements, you will see that the Peach and Sapphire Shimmer Brushes were used to accent, highlight and add shimmer to the layout!  Love this effect.  

For the title, I outlined all of the edges of the words "fun" and "sun".  This added to the already brushed type feel of the letters.

For the little crab, I used the Peach Shimmer Brush on the eyes and then again to cover the Thin Cut hearts that follow him in his trail.  These are also all popped up with Thin 3-d foam tape.

For the banner detail, the pennants were stamped with an image from the Seas the Day Scrapbooking Stamp and Thin Cut, hand cut out, adhered down, and I went over the stamped stripes with the Shimmer Brushes.  For the shell, I cut it out, stamped it, and then outlined the edges of the stamped design with the Shimmer Brush. So cute right?

This pre-stamped kit is available in my In All Sassiness Designs shop for purchase for $15.  It includes the pre-stamped images, the needed papers and PML cards, a package of Seas the Day Dots, detailed instructions and a color photo to help you in the creating process.  You can order this at:  When ordering your kit, you can add on the featured Shimmer Brushes as well a discounted adhesive bundle should you wish.

The supplies that I have featured are available on my Close To My Heart website at:  These items are:
(G1200) Seas the Day Cardmaking Workshop Kit, (X7255F) Seas the Day Dots, (X7255B) Seas the Day Paper Pack, (X7255D) Seas the Day PML cards, (Z3701) Seas the Day Scrapbooking Stamp set and Thin Cuts, (Z2896) Smoothie Exclusive Ink, (X5985) Smoothie cs, (Z6502) Peach Exclusive Ink, (X6044) Peach cs, (Z8005) Sapphire Exclusive Ink, (Z3661) Peach Shimmer Brush, (Z3510) Sapphire Shimmer Brush, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner.