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Created per request, I have now established my very own "Sassy Creative" Club for both my local and my long distance customers!   This new club is all-encompassing  and will merge the perks of all my previous different types of clubs as well as all of my offerings umbrella-ed into one club.

So, how does your "Sassy Creative Club" work? Interested participants join my Sassy Creative Club for a 6 month period. They agree to place an order of $25 or more A MONTH for a period of six months.  The awesomeness of my club is that YOU choose which months that you would like to place the orders (within a 12 month period from the month that you join).  You may purchase my signature Sassy Creative Monthly Featured Kits, kits from my In All Sassiness Designs page or create your own order.  Each month that you place a qualifying order, your total spent before shipping and tax will be added into your Club account.  Once all 6 months of orders have been placed, then you have the option to choose Hostess Rewards based on the accumulative total that you have earned. The reward breakdown is in the Idea Book.

Are there exceptions? 
On occasion, I will have customer specials where the hostess rewards are embedded into the special.  If this is the case, I will state that those particular orders are not eligible for Sassy Creative Club Credit.

What if I want to place more than 1 order in any given month? 
Great! Create Away! Any purchases that you make during your membership will add to your individual hostess rewards. So if you place a $50 order on the 10th and then a $35 purchase on the 31st both will add into your rewards. 

May I place an order that is smaller than $25?  And if I do, will I receive credit for it?
Most certainly.  While the order won’t count towards your 6 month order requirement, the amount spent will be recorded into your account so that you still earn rewards on the order.

Will I receive credit for classes and crops?
For crops, no as the crop fee goes to pay for the use of the church/community center etc. as well as food, paper products, prizes, etc.  BUT for classes, yes – a portion of your class fee may count towards your club rewards—the portion that covers copies, bags, shipping and tax will not be able to be counted. The qualifying amount will be listed by each class.

What is the difference of Sassy Creative Club Kits and In All Sassiness Design Kits?  The Sassy Creative Club Kits are built around the WTG program from Close To My Heart. You can order the kit WTG kit itself (retails for $29.95) plus the needed extra materials, or order ala-cart.  These can be ordered directly on my website at:  The In All Sassiness Design Kits are classes or kits that I personally have designed.  In some cases these are pre-cut, pre-stamped and pre-cricut-cut.  The kit description will note what is included.  These need to be purchased directly from me and will be sent from me.  To order these kits, you would e-mail me at:

What happens if I place my six orders in six consecequitive months? 
Great!  We will get you your free rewards and then you have the option to renew your club or take a break and renew at another time.

Are there additional perks to your club? Absolutely! Continuing reading below!
Signature cutting guide and instructions for a monthly Sassy Creative Kit
Each month I will feature a Paper Collection and offer a Sassy Creative Kit to match.  The foundation of the kit is the company designed Workshop On the Go (although I might cater it to my liking) and then I will create at least two additional layouts to go with the company designed layouts.  I will use B&T (patterned paper) that is in the initial kit, however additional cardstock will need to be added to complete the layouts as I have designed.  As club members, you will receive my signature Cutting Guides, instructional guide, a tip and technique sheet, shopping guide and any specials that corporate may be promoting that month via e-mail.  Club Members may order that month’s kit that month, or any proceeding month, during the life of the kit.  The kits will maintain a While Supplies Last status as we near the end of an Idea Book cycle, and as long as inventory remains, they are available one full month after the Idea Book retires (so, for Spring/Summer they are available until August 31st and for Fall/Winter they are available until Feb. 28th).

I do not have a Cricut but I want the Cricut Cut pieces for my kit.
No worries, I can cut them for you for an additional fee.  The fee will depend on the pieces needed and will be posted with the kit description.  These will be mailed to you separately. 

But I need extra cardstock, please. 
For those planning to create the Sassy Creative Club Monthly Kits, yes you will need additional cardstock to create the layouts.  There are several ways that you can obtain this cardstock.  1.  Check your own inventory.  Do you have any from previous projects?  2.  Order the cardstock in full packages (24 sheets for $14.50) or in Color families ( 20 pieces with 2 each of 10 colors) $14.50.  3.  Order the cardstock at $0.75 a sheet from me directly when you are placing an order that includes kits that are on my In All Sassiness Designs page that would be shipped directly from myself and not the company.  Note: some colors such as Colonial White, White Daisy, Slate, Chocolate will be used in several kits throughout the Idea Book Cycle.

Participant Cost for Inks and Markers. 
Club members may purchase the coordinating ink colors for any Sassy Creative Kit or In All Designs Class Kit at a participant cost for $4.00 for ink pads and $4.50 for the alcohol ink markers at the time that they order that particular kit.  This helps you add to your ink collection at a discounted cost.    If kits are purchased from me directly, the $4.00 rate will be charged at that time.  If you are purchasing on-line, you will pay regular price, and I will refund the difference to you in your club rewards.  For example:  Sassy Scrapbooker orders an ink pad on line with her order.  Her cost is $5.96.  My participant offering is $4.00.  I will refund her the $2.00 when she earns her rewards.  So her rewards that were initially $25.00 would now be $27.00. (For ink pads the refund will be $2.00 each for markers the refund will be $1.50 each).

This month I want the Stamp of the Month, but I wanted to order the pre-made kits instead of from your website
That works too!  Yes, I will honor the company program with my own kits as well.  So if you order $50 worth of kits from my Blog then you can purchase the SOTM or campaign as well at the company posted cost.  Note: the exception to this would be for a promotion that for i.e. requires a $20 stamp purchase etc. then it would have to be ordered on my website.  But in general, if the campaign is you can purchase this item for $10 with a $50 purchase then yes, you may include my In All Sassiness Design Kits as well to meet that minimum.  Note the Club value will be listed beside each kit.

How do I place my orders? 
There are two ways to place your orders.  1.  You may place your order directly on my website at: To receive credit for your order (both in month count and in dollar amount) you MUST join one of the Gathering Listed.  Each month, I will have staggered Sassy Creative Club links that you can “join”.  If you do not use this link, I will not be able to record the amount of your order into your Club account as no rewards would have been earned.  Remember, the more you spend, the more you save so ensure that you use this link. 2.  Order directly from myself either at an event or by e-mail at:  This would be used for In All Sassiness Design Kits, or special promotions that I might offer time to time.  I can accept cash, checks, credit card and PayPal payments.  Once the order is placed and we have worked out any details I will send you an invoice and you can pay that on a secured website.

What if my friend wants to place an order? 
Great, if she places an order using the same link (Sassy On-line Club) and she lets me know you referred her, then her purchase will be added to your rewards total as well.

What if my friend wants to join the club? Fantastic! The more the merrier! When your friend joins us, and has made two separate month purchases, you will receive a free A-D stamp set of your choice for your referral!

When would my Club start?  Your individual term begins the month that you sign up. You would then have 11 more months to place the remaining 5 orders.

I am loving these hostess rewards! I want more! Fantastic! You may host an on-line party at any time during your term and add those benefits to what you were already accruing.

What if I am unable to finish out my Club? I would be sorry to see you go, but also understand that life happens.  If you need to break your term, you are able to do so, you just will just forfeit the rewards that you had accumulated.

How exciting!  I am ready to begin!  Great, if so, e-mail me the following information and I will sign you up!

Please sign me up for your Sassy Creative Club!


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Digital Signature:  By typing your name here, you are agreeing to the terms explained above for participating in Tonya Sheridan’s Sassy Creative Club.  You also understand that for orders to be included in your Club you must use the Sassy Creative Club link when placing orders and if you and unable to complete your club requirements you forfeit your rewards earned to that point. 
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