Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, white and blue on paper!

Happy Fourth of July! This is a card that I made for my Uncle Wayne who has a July birthday. Don't worry...I don't think he reads my blog. I used the same stamping techniques as I did on my layout with Gabriel and the firetruck. I think it turned out quite festive. The photographs, not so much.

To create, this background, start with the largest stamp. Stamp once as a first generation stamping and then stamp again for a lighter, second generation stamping. Repeat with the second color. Then, move on to the next largest stamp.

Continue random stamping until the space if filled with images. Make a note to stamp some of the images off the page onto scrap paper so that it looks more like a piece of patterned paper.

Next, trim the paper down to the desired size. If dividing, divide on the trimmer so that the paper seems to continue on.

Create the card and you are done!

This particular card design is Framed Message from Originals. Completed size is: 5" x 7". My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 151 cards completed. 57 still to go.

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