Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing the new July Stamp of the Month: American Celebrations

Happy Independence Day Weekend! I Love weekends...esp. holiday weekends and the 4th of July Weekends tends to be one of my children's favorite holidays! The fireworks, family time, sparklers, and the flags! We also have a tradition of wearing Americana t-shirts that all match or coordinate (and yes, we have pulled my dad into our tradition!). The kids think it is "super cool" and I will take Mommy and Daddy being "cool" as long as I can! So now that we are all in the 4th of July spirit, I thought I would scrapbook some of my 4th of July pictures!! And for this particular layout, the new American Celebrations stamp of the month, shouted out to be used! That in companionship with the In The Month of July and Boom! stamp sets (see pictured below) and the random stamping technique, I created my own patterned paper. The colors were Outdoor Denim & Cranberry.

The picture on the left layout is one of my favorites that I have ever taken. It captures the moment so beautifully. And I struggled to find the words (imagine that?) that did the picture justice. I ended up just sharing my thoughts of the picture and the deeper meaning that the pictures had for me. The journaling reads: "I love this picture of you: you standing on the back of the fire truck with your flag. Your eyes filled with wonder. Hope. Innocence. I wish I could protect your innocence from the world: from everything that is wrong and shower you with everything that is right. You stood there in admiration of the fire truck, and of the firemen. They have become your heroes in the recent months. You say that you want to be a “firean” too. To drive a fire truck. To keep us safe. If you only knew what the firemen have done to do just that. You won’t remember September 11th. But Mommy remembers. And Mommy knows that your admiration of the firemen is a wonderful way to say thank you to them for all that they sacrifice for our safety. What better time than our 4th of July celebration to make your heart’s desire of seeing the fire truck and meeting the firemen up close to come true. And, to say thank you."

Layout Design is Concerto from Imagine.

My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 64 layouts completed. 86 to go.

In the Month of July Stamp Set $18.95

Boom! Stamp Set $13.95
American Celebration Stamp of the Month

Check back periodically over the weekend for more Americana ideas and inspiration!

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