Saturday, December 19, 2009

It is snowing...and snowing...and snowing even more! I cannot recall having this much snow since I was a little girl! It is beautiful and picturesque. We had to cancel all of our Christmas plans for this weekend as well as our trip to see the Legendary Santa in Richmond, and needless to say, the children were quite disappointed. I have been hoping that all of this snow would make up for it~and for a few minutes it certainly did! It is beautiful! And still falling hard.
Our first venture out in the snow proved to be rather memory-bound...Abby couldn't walk in the deep parts (which was basically everywhere except where Jay had shoveled) and kept calling out, "Mommy...I stuck". Gabey loved every second of it..definitely laughing all the way! Nicholas was a little intimidated, but overstepped the ditch and fell face forward into the snow. He too couldn't get up, and after that point, he was pretty much all done with the snow idea.
Gabey, Abby and I walked up to the front of our development to see the mountain only to find out we couldn't FIND the mountain. As Gabey was "too foggy". We did try to take some pictures of our morning, but with it snowing so hard, it was hard to get many good ones. I thought since we are more or less "home bound" for awhile, I would post some pictures for loved ones to see.

Laughing all the way...

A side view of Abby's sweet hat.

The first snow ball of this snow!

Gabey looking for bear tracks.

Our house at about 9:30 this morning.


  1. Ohhhh! Can you send some of that to Oregon. We were snowed in last Christmas and I loved it, I was hoping for more this year but the weatherman won't cooperate. He is forecasting sunny skies. Your little ones are adorable. I hope you gave them hot chocolate to warm up with.

  2. We did! They went out forst for their picture (only for about 5 minutes) then we switched gears and bundled up for adventure!!