Friday, December 18, 2009

My little Christmas Elf...

Nicholas certainly has been an elf this Christmas! He loves to help me make cards, and treats and was very insistent that he make sweet bags for all of his friends at preschool for Christmas! I had made numerous Gingerbread cards earlier in November and Nicholas asked if he could make his own gingerbread cards for his friends. He picked out the little bags, and the original plans were to make gingerbread cookies ourselves...but mommy has been sick the last several days so we detoured to the store and bought gingerbread cookies. He was so proud...he even choose the candies too! What a team we made!

So proud of his "sweet" bags! And so he should be...he worked very hard! Nicholas is always my biggest cheerleader, so now I must be his and show off his beautiful work!


  1. Just Too Sweet !!! Your kids are adorable. I'll have to keep this idea in mind for my grandkids, if you don't mind.