Monday, March 23, 2020

Sweet unicorn tags.

Looking for a rainy day, or virus-demanded stay-at-home project?  This little tag won both my daughter's and my hearts at hello!  What a fun project to create and to gift to friends, or even as random acts of kindness right?  

First, and foremost, I didn't design this project myself.  Close To My Heart designed this tag, and it was featured in our current Idea Book.  I simply took their design, determined how to re-create it, tweaked it to fit my needs and then made it happen.  

I loved the colors that CTMH used, however the "unicorn suckers" that I found were different shades which meant I needed to tweak the cardstock colors of my tag to coordinate with my suckers. For the bright set, I chose to use: Pixie, Green Apple, Bluebird, and Gypsy (now retired but the closest shade of purple that I could find).  For ink colors, I used Pixie (pink) and the Intense Black.  And for the primary set I chose:  Candy Apple, Nectarine, Canary, Clover, Bluebird, and again that Gypsy with an ink color of Candy Apple.

How to create the bright tag:
1.  Cut 1/4" x 12" strips of chosen cardstock.  Adhere these to a piece of 2 3/4" x 12" White Daisy cardstock with a flat adhesive - alternating the light and dark sides of the cardstock for more color variation.  I used the CTMH Adhesive Runner and it worked perfectly.  Once adhered down, use the largest oval in the Oval Thin Cuts to cut the oval multi-color pieces.  You should be able to get 6 from this strip.  Set aside.

2.  Using the stitched Oval Thin Cut and White Daisy cs, cut desired number of ovals with the largest stitched oval.  Stamp the unicorn horn, ears, and eye lashes onto this oval with Intense Black Exclusive Ink.  Set aside to dry for a few minutes.
3.  With the Cricut, cut the White Daisy and Pixie tags from Design Space.
4.  Stamp the unicorn sentiment onto the bottom of the White Daisy tag with Pixie Exclusive Ink.
5.  Center, and adhere, the White Daisy tag into the Pixie tag.
6.  Center, and adhere, the Unicorn oval inside the multi-strip oval with Thin Foam Tape.
7.  Center, and adhere, the combined multi-color oval to the White Daisy with Thin Foam Tape.
8. Using a waterbrush, add a little bit of Pixie ink to the inside of both of the unicorn's ears.  Allow to dry a few minutes.  Then, go over the watercolored pink with the Bashful Shimmer Brush.
9.  Using the Gold Shimmer Brush, brush the inside of the unicorn's horn.  Repeat for a darker gold.
10.  Thread a piece of ribbon through the tag's hole and tie a bow to the front of the tag.
11.  Attach tag to a sucker and you are good to go!

Note: For the primary tag, just switch out the colors!

Supplies used:  (Z3316) Gold Shimmer Brush, (retired) Bashful Shimmer Brush, (Z2844) Pixie Exclusive Ink, (Z4189) Intense Black Exclusive Ink, (Z3224) Small Waterbrush, (1385) White Daisy cs, (X5984) Pixie cs, (X6031) Green Apple cs, (retired) Gypsy cs, (X6037) Bluebird cs, (X6038) Candy Apple cs, (Z6509) Candy Apple Exclusive Ink Pad, (X6040) Clover cs, (X5982) Canary cs, (X6043) Nectarine cs,  (retired) Thin Cuts - Basic Ovals (could use a Cricut cut for this), (Z4187) Thin Cuts - Stitched Oval, (Z3706) Unicorn Dreams Stamp and Thin Cut, (Z2060) Thin Foam Tape, (Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (retired) ribbon.  All current supplies may be purchased in my CTMH shop at:

Cricut Design Space file:  If you have CTMH's Art Philosophy, here is the file I used to create the tags.  If you do not have Art Philosophy, and would like to purchase it, you can use my affiliate link and shop by using this link.

For those who prefer pre-cut, and pre-stamped tags ready-to-create, they are also available in my shop at:

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