Wednesday, May 4, 2016

LoveWorks in Luray!

Nothing makes me happier than the LoveWORKS Journey that I have shared with my children.  Our journey has taken us all over the state and helped us to experience so many fabulous things that Virginia has to offer right in our own backyard.  We were excited, beyond excited, to learn that the Mimslyn was bringing the traveling LoveWORKS sculpture in for Mother's Day Weekend.  The boys practically squealed when they saw it for the first time this afternoon!  I hold a crop at the Mimslyn each St.Patrick's Day, so the hotel has quite the special meaning to me, and my family. We couldn't wait to take pictures!  And, as you can see, the clouds added such character to our photos - in a week filled with rain, we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.  

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