Thursday, April 14, 2016

A little girls prayers

My heart is quite heavy tonight.  My 8, almost 9, year old daughter is struggling with understanding why Cancer "chooses" those that she loves dearly.  It has been a conversation in our family the last few weeks as the children, and Jay and I, have been praying for a little girl with Leukemia.  This very present in her mind, she knew that one of my scrapbookers, who she adores, starts chemo today.   And to add to it, Abby was told on Monday that an individual at her school who she is very close to also has cancer.  Her questions were so simple but her heart was so heavy.  She wants to make everything better and doesn't know how."Can't the doctors just give them medicine or fix them?"  Oh sweet little girl, I so wish it was that easy.  

She decided that she is going to walk with me at Rockingham's Relay for Life in early May.  This is something that she can do.  And, now she is very excited "to help".  Her brother is teaching her how to make awareness bracelets to honor those who lives have been affected and she has decided that she is going to start making cards to bring cheer to her loved ones.    She has such a big heart.

As for me, I pray that her prayers will soon be answered.


  1. Tonya, I, too, was 9 when I was introduced to the pain of cancer and a life cut short.
    God the Father blessed each of us with a mind and a will, which should be stretched to the fullest extent possible.
    A gentleman I used to with was diagnosed with Stage 4 and told to get his affairs in order - quickly. He took a deep breath and chose to "think outside of the box" combining alternatives with traditional medicine. Fifteen years later he is cancer free, still over-weight and enjoying his promotions at work. His testimony is unusual, and his courage is honorable.
    I pray that all of our gifts will be put to good use, and that Abbey will love herself for her willingness to get involved and follow her mother's example. Her love and empathy for others is touching. She deserves a very big, warm hug.

  2. Thank you Hanna for such kind words. I will give her your "hug" in the morning. Hugs to you too!