Monday, December 14, 2015

A special gift for Santa

We are preparing to make our annual visit to see the Legendary Santa in Richmond, VA next weekend and my children's excitement and anticipation is beginning to grow.  This afternoon, Gabriel was helping me prepare some Christmas presents and asked if he could use one of my My Creations Pint Sized Containers to make a gift for Santa.  I wasn't sure what he was planning but agreed to let him.  Before I knew it he had my ShinHan markers, and was decorating the little container.  He added Red Shimmer Trim and the Glitter Dots from the Cranberry Fundamental Assortments for additional decorations.  He filled the bottom with red shred and then added some Hershey Kisses...which I find funny because Gabriel himself doesn't even like chocolate!  Anyway, once he was done, he sat down and wrote Santa a letter and included his list.  He insisted that his letter had to be folded up, and then wrapped with more Shimmer Trim, so that Santa wouldn't overlook it.  I am not sure if a more original, and thoughtful letter, has Santa ever received.  

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