Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gabriel's first book.

My son Gabriel was asked to do a special project for school: something that illustrated his creativity and one of his best pieces of work.  He decided to write a story about a Polar Bear - a polar bear named Percy.  He wrote a touching story and we decided he could best share his story in the form of a book.  Luckily, the Mommy in me, saved some of the now-retired Close To My Heart 6x6 memory keeper accordion albums for such special moments and I certainly couldn't think of a more special occasion then as a place for Gabriel to share his story on.  He copied each paragraph into the new book and added an illustration to better share the story.  With each page I witnessed his pride grown.  He was so proud of his book and I am so proud of him!  (to read each page, click the pictures and they will open larger in a new window)

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  1. Gabriel, this is a wonderful achievement. It shows a lot of research on your part. I didn't know all those facts about polar bears. How did you? Not only was it a good story, the pictures depicted exactly what your words were saying. Great work, Gabe. You are a talented author and illustrator! I am so proud of you! Lots of love from Mrs. Snyder, Gabe's PK teacher.