Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rosette Tree Tutorial

The most talked about and intriquing item in Close To My Heart's Holiday Gift Guide has been those beautiful tiered rosette Christmas trees.  That being said, I have had many requests, so I have put together a step by step tutorial on creating these beauties!  There are several ways to cut the strips.  I have chosen to cut all of my strips via Cricut Craft room with the help of some awesome friends, Barb and Theresa!   The steps are so much easier and everything is sized ready to fold.  But if you don't use Craft Room, you can cut the strips without it and add a few strips. 

For non-Cricut Craft Room:
To do this:  Use the rosette patten on page 50 of the Artiste Cartridge.
The strips are cut at 2 1/2" x 11 3/4".  You will need 13 sets of 2 and you determine the patterns.
Accordian fold as I illustrate below.
Next, the tricky part.  
The bottom layer will stay at 2 1/2".
Using your trimmer, cut 1/8" off the flat edge of the the strip.  You have to cut it off after it is folded or you might cut off the "tic" marks that help you fold it.  As you proceed up the tree, you will accumilitivley add 1/8" to the amount that you cut off each layer. 
So the bottom layer is 2 1/2".
the 12th layer layer has 1/8" cut off. (from the bottom)
the 11th layer has 2/8" cut off.
the 10th layer has 3/8" cut off.
and you will continue this patten all the way to the top.

Creating the Rosettes:  After all rosette strips have been Cricut cut, sort by pattern and size.  Select two strips that are the same. Accordion fold, and score if desired, each of the two strips using the tiny "tic" marks that are between the scallops.  Fold the entire strips.  The Background and Texture paper is a little easier to fold than cardstock.  One might find using a bone folder with the cardstock rosettes of advantage.   

Position the two matching strips side by side.  Using either Liquid Glass, or a Hot Glue Gun, adhere the two ends together.  If using the Hot Glue gun, be careful of the glue seeping through the diamonds and burning your fingers.

See below how the two pieces seam together to become one.

Next, connect the remaining two open ends, again end to end, of the now combined strips so that the strips are one connected circle.

On a flat surface, scrunch the rosette together pulling towards the center. 

Once scunched together, pinch in all pieces to create a round image.

Secure the rosette into position by adhering a pre-cut circle to the top of the rosette.  Hold for a few seconds/minutes to dry pending on whether Liquid Glass is being used or Hot Glue is being used.  Once dry, flip the rosette over and adhere a second circle for added stability.  That being said, I found a tip that made the entire process easier for myself was to use a larger circle on the underside of the rosette and a smaller circle on the upper side of the rosette.  This made it easier for me to remember which side of the pattern was meant to be face up when stacking and assembling the tree.

For the 13 layer tree, the finished rosettes (multi-colored) will look like this.  As all are double sided, they can of course be flipped as desired.

Assembly:  To assemble the tree, begin with the largest rosette.  Apply Hot Glue/Liquid Glass to the disk. Also add at least one "ring" of glue about 1" out from the circle so that it catches the folded edges of the rosettes.  Center, and stack, the next largest rosette on top of this first layer.  This step might be easier to do standing up so that you can look down to see if the layers are centered. Continue upward until all layers have been added to the tree.

To embellish, add snowflakes as desire.  These are attached with Hot Glue.  Add just a few dabs to the back of the snowflakes and then press the snowflake into the tree as desired.  Hold for a few seconds.  Embellish top of tree as desired.

Once snowflakes are attached to the tree, attach the tree to votive holder.  To do so, add a layer of Liquid Glass to the rim of the votive holder.  Gently center and position the tree on top of the holder.  Leave to dry for a few hours.  

Finished tree.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at: inallsassiness@gmail.com.  Supplies used:

Kits will also be available for order/purchase.  If you need them to be shipped add $6 for Priority Shipping.

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