Monday, August 26, 2013

Our first day of school...

And it was bittersweet indeed! 

And so quiet once they were gone!  But it was time...all three of my children were so excited to start off the new year--they have been talking about it for weeks. Our morning buzzed with excitement and conversation about what was going to happen this day, and this year!  The boys proudly shared their homework assignments from meet the teacher day that they worked so hard on and couldn't wait to turn into their teachers and Abby couldn't stop talking about how she was going to stay on green and "not talk too much in class" --for those that know her--quite ironic isn't it?

And as for Mommy, well, I am ready for schedules to start back up but I was teary as they were off on their way.  Hard to believe how fast they are growing!  And as our neighbor shared at the bus stop--seems like only yesterday that the boys were climbing the steps to the bus for the first time!

Here's to a fantastic new school year!

"I am not pink-a-licious today...I am purple-licious!" - Abby

Homework assignment--what I did this summer?  

"May the force be with you while I am away" - Nicholas

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