Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweetest baby pictures!

Who isn't charmed and delighted by the most precious of baby pictures?  I have had the wonderful honor to scrapbook, and preserve, my cousins baby's pictures for my Great Aunt.  She saved all of his pictures from his first year in an album but over time, the book has faded and the pictures have been slowly falling out.  I decided that I wanted to scrapbook her pictures and give them to her for Mother's Day this year.  My Great Aunt is in an assisted living home and doesn't have a great deal of personal space for albums, and her hands can no longer turn the pages of an album by herself so in planning out this project, I decided that I would create all of the layouts in Studio J and then take the J-pegs and load these into a Digital Picture Frame for her.  This way, the frame will rotate through the pages and she can watch them at her leisure.

I decided to use Topstitch as it is such a classic baby paper with just the right amount of baby pinks and blues and some chocolate thrown in for balance.  The pictures were all small and square which will be a little more limiting in the layouts that I choose to work with but I love a challenge!  My favorite detail on this layout? The Heavenly Blue scalloped stitch over the 4" x 6" photo.

To see a larger view of the layout, simply click the layout.

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