Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Operation: Care for our Troops

Operation Care for our Troops

Last year, my family and I orchestrated local participation in Operation Christmas Card- an organization dedicated to the collection and distribution of Christmas Cards for our troops both home and abroad. Locally, with the help of our community, my VERY DEDICATED and SUPPORTIVE scrapbookers and card makers, and local schools, we collectively created and collected 2,500 Christmas cards! This was quite an accomplishment and we were proud to be apart of such a great cause. I will again be working on this project in 2012 but we would like to take it a step further.
 So, this year, my family and I, and hopefully our community, will be participating in a program we are calling: Operation: Care for Our Troops. We will be putting together Zipper Pouches for the troops filled with letters and cards for the soldiers themselves, handmade blank cards that they can send back to their loved ones, as well as personal items requested and or needed. Some items that have been requested thus far are: Jolly Ranchers, Gillette Shaving GEL (not foam), and razor heads (not disposables as they are tearing the men's faces with the frequent shaving and at times water is not available).
(here is one of the bags before personalization--there are also masculine prints)
The pouches are being ordered from Thirty-One Gifts and will be personalized with expressions of thanks from home. These will serve as the packaging, but can also be useful once the "happies" have been used as they are perfect for tablets, readers, letters from home, etc.
Suggested personalization are:
Thank You
Thank u For Service
God Bless U
You Are Our Hero
Team USA
 After personalization, shipping and tax, the Zippered Pouches cost are right at $25.00. All commissions will then be returned to the project to help pay for filling the bags and the shipping of the pouches to the servicemen/women. We are looking to individuals, and businesses within our community, friends and families, to help with the purchasing/donations of the bags. We have also contacted local businesses to help with the cost of the supplies for the bags. To help, you can donate a bag in one of three ways:
1. Use the PayPal Link below. The cost of one bag is $25.00. You may contribute in whatever amount that you would like to do. You can pay the partial cost of a bag, a full bag, or for multiple bags. Bags of assorted colors and personalization will be purchased with all of the funds generated.
2. Send a Check to: Tonya Sheridan 130 Stuart Court Luray, VA 22835. Please indicate on the memo line: Operation Care for our Troops. You may use your returned check as a receipt, however, I will also send a receipt to you.
3. Use the on-line link to purchase a bag on-line. . Click on: Place an order. Then select the open on-line party: Operation Care for Our Troops. And here you can place your order. Here you can choose your favorite pattern and personalization. Payment may be made there with a secured website. Please select the option of shipping the bag directly to the hostess (me) to lower the cost of shipping.
For each bag donated, the donors name will be included in the bag if desired. All bags need to be purchased/ordered by November 15th. My Daisy Troop will be helping fill the bags on our November 29th meeting so they may be mailed on November 30th. The November 15th order date will guarantee their arrival in time.
For more details, or questions, e-mail me at:

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