Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butterfly kisses

Today after much rain and fear we were going to have to miss the Butterfly release, we were able to go to see the butterflies at Back Home on the Farm.  We took advantage of the hour early admittance for photography which was wonderful as we were the only ones there and had the butterflies to ourselves. Seeing the butterflies was truly a highlight of our summer! Butterflies are one of Gabriel's passions and he was in complete heaven. And as a mom, I was so blessed to share this experience with him.   His favorite moment, when one of the butterflies gave him "kisses" against his cheek.  Nicholas and Abby had a delightful time as well...they just weren't quite as focused as Gabriel.  This was such a wonderful morning--I didn't want it to end!  But, we are not like the butterflies: we don't thrive on the high temperatures and the humidity and we finally had to call it a morning.  If you are local to the Harrisonburg, and can spare an hour or so, I highly recommend visiting Back Home On The Farm.  The butterflies are there until saturday.

Butterfly kisses!

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