Friday, June 10, 2011

Sea Turtles anyone?

Swimming with Sea Turtles...
My friend, and Grandma up-line, Tina just visited Hawaii and shared this amazing picture! She also shared these thoughts with us: "Here is a term called Polynesian paralysis. It is the ability to simply be still and listen to your heartbeat, to stop and observe a beautiful rainbow or to watch the dolphins dance with the ocean. Make this a priority over getting to a destination on time- the ability of observation, appreciation and relaxation. When you arrive at your destination.... you will be much happier. _Clifford Nae'ole, Cultural Adviser, Maui Hawaii"

This is soooo on my bucket list! I would love to swim with Sea Turtles and go to Hawaii. And it is Close To My Heart's next incentive trip. As Nicholas would say, "how cool is that?". We are right about 2/3 rds into our earning period and Tina's pictures have rejuvenated my spark! Her husband booked a tour for her team members who are "on the boat" with her! I love working for a company who helps make my dreams come true!

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