Saturday, April 23, 2011

Father's Day Accordian Project Class

Wanted to share a project class that I will be teaching later in early ...a Father's Day Accordian Book. Of course, the book can be used for other memories / occasions outside of Father's Day too! I love the color combination as it is perfect for a more masculine look, but of course, it works for any look. The class will be Thursday, June 2nd. All pieces are pre-cut, so this is a perfect project to order as a kit. Stay tuned...this will be an awesome class!!

Front Cover: the Layout Design is Puzzle Junkie from Cherish

First Spread: Layout design is Simple Pleasures

Detail panel: multiple stamping

Detail photo: dimensional elements irrestibiles

Second spread: Layout design is Memoirs Complete

Spread Three: Layout Design is Medley from Imagine

Back Cover: Layout Design is Puzzle Junkie From Cherish

Full Front Spread

Full Back Spread

My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 3 more layouts completed.

61 layouts completed. 89 layouts to go!


  1. I've seen this in person, it is GORGEOUS!

  2. You are so funny! four weeks baby...four weeks!!! Just realized, now I have to come up with a "new" roomie gift as I am keeping to my honor of not traveling with Buckeyes again! lol!...let the creative juices flow!!!!

  3. Oh good lrd roomie gifts! EEKK!! No, please don't knock yourself out trying to travel with those again--although delicious and wonderfully packaged, you don't need the stress! See you SOON!