Thursday, April 21, 2011

As chosen by Gabriel...

Sometimes, I find that the littlest things make the biggest difference. Today was one of these moments. Last week I made cupcakes for Nicholas' class, and Gabe was heartbroken...he wanted me to make cupcakes for his class too. So, we talked with Gabe's teacher, and made a plan for me to make cupcakes for Easter. Gabriel chose the little bunnies, and insisted that the cupcakes needed jelly beans and grass for the bunnies to sit in. Thanks to Grandmommy for saving the day with Green food coloring, and Auntie Laura for helping me ice the cupcakes, I was able to get Gabe's cupcakes made in time for his party today.

But here's the awesome and heartwarming part...we had had a rough night (Gabe had nightmares that kept him, and me, up most of the night) and I had had a rough morning...a project that I had been on a long time wasn't resulting the way I had hoped, and I was pretty down on myself. That all changed when I walked into Gabriel's class with the cupcakes in hand. Gabriel's face lit up and a huge smile swept across his face. He was so proud that I had made cupcakes, and was there at school with him. The first thing he said when he ran over to me was, "I love you Mommy. Thank you for making my special cakes. They are just what I wanted". This was followed by the biggest hug I think I have ever received! He proceeded to tell all of his friends that his Mommy made the cakes, and to point out the details of them. Gabriel must have thanked me and told me that he loved me 20 times during the party and as we left school. What an awesome reminder for myself when I am down on his eyes, I am his Mommy, the "best Mommy" and his love is completely unconditional...whether I look the way I want to, or have succeeded or failed in whatever task is at hand. God has given me such an amazing gift, and is my job to not let either of them down.

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