Sunday, February 13, 2011

A true pennant...

When I think about "pennants" I think of banners like this one, celebrating champions or successes, so when I saw these pictures, the title just popped for me! I had a lot of journaling that I wanted to say (I know, since when is that different)even though with "Champion" as a title, it was hard not to just quote the lyrics from "We are the Champions"! So, I converted a space that would have normally been used for photograph into a jounraling space. With the title overhanging the words, everything seemed to mesh perfectly.

The Left layout Design is Main Frame - Perfect Square from Reflections.
(Previously Used)
Right Layout Design is Quartet in Balance from Reflections.
The journaling reads: "Mr. Gabe, my little World Cup Champion! You have been longing to play soccer since your brother starting playing on a children’s league. And although you were too little to play “officially”, you were constantly playing in the back yard. I sat one day and watched you from the window. You had such a sense of determination in your eyes. And at the same time, you were persistent in your efforts to kick that ball between the cones and into the net. I had to laugh at how only you could play soccer with flip flops… because every so often, you would try to kick the ball, and instead of hitting your target, your flip flop will fly off your foot and across the yard. But, you are you. And you would not let that stop you… you would slid it back on your little foot and you were off and on your way! I watched you make your goal, time and time again, and you were so filled with triumph: it was evident all over your face. What a delight to share your joy and excitement! I do so adore watching you and how you experience your world. My wish for you today is that you will always be as happy as you are now. And that you will keep that sense of determination and triumph. For you are, and forever will be, Mommy’s Champion!"

Supplies used: Fanfare Paper Collections, Blue Button Assortment, Black & White Daisy Cardstock, Pennant Alphabet Stamp Set, and Colonial White Waxy Flax.
My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 56 1/2 completed. 93 1/2 to go. Still plugging away...but still learning a great deal along the way!

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