Thursday, December 24, 2009

Practically Perfect in every way...

(except for when posing for pictures!!)

...a favorite expression from one of my favorite movies...Mary Poppins, but it defines our day yesterday (well, actually two days ago now as I am still up late with a sick child). Last weekend, we had to cancel two Christmas' and our Trip to see the Legendary Santa because of the blizzard and the children were heart-broken. However, because of all the snow, my mom and Jay ended up having Tuesday off from school so we spontaneously made a trip to Richmond to see the Santa. The day was just as I title it...practically perfect in every way! Because the temps were rising, the roads were clear, but there was still a ton of snow and I have never seen Afton mountain in such beauty! Especially at the overlooks!

We only had to wait about 2 hours to see Santa which was awesome considering it was the 22nd of December. The children were all great! Mom, Jay and I took turns waiting in line so that they didn't have to wait in line. We were able to see Santa come down the chimney when he returned from his Candy Cane break which was awesome in itself! And there were no tears this year: all three children went right over to Santa when he called their names to come sit on his lap! The magic was all around us that is for sure! One might wonder why on earth we drove 2 1/2 hours and then waited 2 more hours to see Santa...all I can say is say is that we believe! and seeing the Legendary Santa is so worth it! There is no other magic like it!

To complete the day, we took the kids to Red Robin in Charlottesville, rode a Merry Go Round, and then visited Toys R Us. As I said, a perfect day!

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  1. What beautiful photos. Looks like the wait was well worth it.