Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Decorating our Missmastree...

After much anticipation and delay, we were finally able to take advantage of the icky weather this evening and decorate our "Missmastree" as Abby calls it! The anticipation has been more than they could stand...but it was worth the wait! All three of the kids were so excited!! They had to search and search for their very own ornaments...either ones that they had made or ones that were given to them. After all of the ornaments were on the tree, we decided that our tree is just a little too tall for Mommy's angel (which totally bums me out) but we decided to make a bow instead...now just to pick out the ribbon! We will save our angel for the top of our angel tree (which is tomorrow's task...as well as the rest of the Christmas decorations!).

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