Saturday, October 31, 2009

Amature photography in the making...

Okay, I admit, i have a passion (rather addiction) for photography. I love having my children's portraits done! With Nicholas, my first child, I had a professional portrait taken every month. With Gabriel, my second child, not so much...and with Abby, well let's just say we were doing good to have two made. Still, looking back, the Halloween portraits are still some of my favorite! I wanted to try taking their "portraits" myself this year and have been scoping out a place that I thought might work...and a place that would do their costumes justice...and this little rocky space at the park just seemed perfect. Passersby most likely thought I was insane, but I was happy with the results. AND I must mention that both Abby and Gabey were incredibly photogenic today made my heart smile. So what do you think...could I pass them off as professional portraits? (remember, these are the "uncut" versions...I still want to do a little editing.) At least in their albums?? Would love t0 hear any thoughts!


  1. Those are just the sweetest little ones. Keep up with the photography you are very good.

  2. Tonya-
    The pictures are so good. I love them all, but when the picture of Abby scrolled on the page- it brought tears to my eyes. I was truly blown away- she is so innocent and so incredibly beautiful- like a little cherub.
    Great job- I don't think the profesionals could top these made with Mother's Love.

  3. She is a sweetie...although if I were to tell her that, she would correct me and say, "nooo--I tinkbell"!