Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crop Thinking!

I have been working all evening in my office trying to get the "artsy" flair that I am looking for: an art studio for myself with an art space for my children as well. And all the while, creating a space that our family can enjoy together. This has been quite the challenge I assure you! So, as I am in the middle of this huge project, I started thinking about all of these "extras" that I have. What to do with them is my challenge. And I came up with two solutions!

First, I have challenged myself to use up many of my scraps to make for this, I am challenging myself to make 500 cards by Labor Day weekend (soon I will have a link to my new website where I will have my handmade cards available for purchase--thanks to my awesome computer tech brother Michael!! loL!!--so stay tuned for that).

and Second, I decided to have a fun new sale at my next crop! A quarter sale! Everything on the table will available to purchase for just a quarter per item! And since this crop is benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, all of the quarters will be donated toward my Team In Training fundraising efforts. Crop-goers can also participate! Do you have extras that you no longer need? You too can bring yours along and donate them to the cause ("clean out, with a greater cause"!). For anyone who wants to take this opportunity to get organized, I will hold a special "Clean out for a Cause" door prize! An My Acrylix storage case! Bet you didn't see that one coming?? lol! You will receive 1 ticket for every 5 items you bring in. And so everyone is a winner, for every 25 items that you donate, you will receive one new craft jar. If you want to participate and are in need of plastic bags etc. I do have some that I am more than happy to share. Or I can arrange to pick up your items and package them for you. Whichever is easiest for you and your schedule. All items donated will be available at the June and July Crops then leftovers will be donated to Morning With My Friends Preschool. Any questions..just e-mail me!

So, how far did I get tonight? 17 "quarter" items, and 7 cards made!

Make sure you save your quarters in case you find a must have on the quarter table!

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