Thursday, September 5, 2013

New student in card class!

Yes, we had a visitor, and new student only for the night, to join us in card club on Tuesday.  Gabriel wanted to participate in the making of the Polar Bear cards, so I decided to let him try and see how he did. He insisted on bringing his favorite Polar Bear Percy (and yes, I know, they are all named Percy) with him to class to watch what the ladies and he were doing and for "inperrrration" (aka 7 yr. old for inspiration).  I was actually delightfully surprised that he hung in to almost the end--I thought he would be done in about five minutes flat!  A little wiggly, and over energetic (but then again, he is 7) but he kept up to pace with my ladies and even enjoyed our Klondike Bar treats -- truly fitting don't you think?

Here are Gabriel's cards beside the samples--didn't he do a fantastic job?

Yes, I am one proud "Mama Bear"!  And my thanks go out to CTMH for creating a stamp set that brought my son so much delight!

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  1. Love, love, love this! He did such a great job!!

    Laura L.