Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tinkerin' Challenge #8

Tinkerin' Challenge #8-
Use a badge button!

These fun fun "badge" buttons are exclusive to the Tinkerin' collection & they add a bright spot of color to any project! Here, the badge was added to the top of a simple metal tin--it was the perfect way to add a sentiment to the project!

To create, measure and cut, a strip of paper to fit the side of the tin. Adhere with Liquid Glass, Zip Dry Glue, or Red Line tape. Fill container with candy of choice. This one was filled with M&M's that coordinated with the colors in the paper. Using a very strong adhesive (Glue Dots, Red Line Tape) adhere the badge to the center of the clear lid. And there you have a cute little inexpensive gift that you not only created with your scraps, but also will warm the heart of the recipient! Perfect for a congratulatory gift!

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