Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stronger Together

My heart is full!! In just one week, following the devastating hurricane in Texas, Close To My Heart created a stamp set solely for helping in the disaster relief efforts and I could not be prouder of our company, or their end result! This exclusive stamp "Stronger Today" is available now on my website at ( All of the proceeds from the sale of this stamp will be donated to the American Red Cross.  This is by far one of my favorite stamps that has come out of our company -- not just because of what is created for, but what it stands for, and the sentiments are absolutely perfect for sharing care and concern.  

With that being said, I wanted to share my first cards that I created with the Stronger Together stamp set.  These cards were created with the Silver and Gold paper suite and our new Hello USA digital Cricut cartridge.  I am a Virginian at heart and I was so excited to see that our new Hello USA cartridge has all of the state's state flowers -- including my dogwood.  Love, love, love it!

Here is a close up of each of the cards:

If you would like to create these cards, you can purchase the card set which includes 2 each of all 4 designs.  All of the pieces, including the flowers, are pre-cut and pre-stamped for your convenience and needed embellishments, card bases and envelopes are also included.  You can purchase the card kit by visiting my In All Sassiness Designs shop by clicking here.  Or, you can purchase, and create the cards ala carte' at my card buffet.  My card buffet is available at most events, and is also available for home gatherings where the hostesses receive their cards for free!  Send me an e-mail ( to find out more on hosting your own card buffet for you and your friends!)

I am also offering a bundle of the card set with the Stronger Together stamp set, whose sales benefit the disaster relief efforts, for $28.00 - this is a savings of $4.00.  A great Christmas idea for the paper-crafter on your list!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Celebrate New Jersey...and all other states with Hello USA Cricut Cartridge

Did you know that Close To My Heart has a new digital Cricut cartridge that has all 50 states shapes, names, state flowers, slogans, and more?  We do!  The cartridge is called Hello USA and was just introduced on August 1st.  This cartridge has so much potential and I absolutely am in love with the possibilities!

This is a layout that I created with the Hello USA cartridge for the New Jersey Expo and my gals at one of my New Jersey crops that I vend at.  You will note that the New Jersey piece was all Cricut cut and layered to create a fun accent. Close To My Heart just retired state stamps, which were great, but this cartridge takes the states to an entirely new level because you can size them to fit your needs!  Awesome right?

I also used our fun new Heart Border Thin Cuts in my layout.  You will note that the borders actually nest inside of one another for a more intricate look.  So much newness that you will have to check out on my shopping site!

To see a larger view of the layout, click on the layout and it will open in a new window.

You can purchase a kit for this layout in my on-line shop by clicking here.  The layout kit is just $8 and has all of the needed pre-cut pieces to create the layout as well as the stickers, embellishments and flip flaps.  Also included are detailed instructions on how to create the layout, and a colored photo to assist you.

Monday, August 28, 2017

No Worries Flip Flap Book

Did you know that you can create your own little album with nothing but Flip Flaps, cardstock and a little adhesive?  You can!!  Fabulous right?  I am delighted to share this book concept that was created by sister consultant Jen Patrick with you!  Jen created her book with Jack, and with her knowledge, I was inspired to create one with No Worries.  Love, love, love it!  I have two more in the creation process so make sure to check back often for new ideas.

I am sharing the step-by-step process here on my blog.  Unfortunately, our No Worries paper is now retired, but "No Worries!" --yes, pun, intended--I have full kits available with all of the pieces pre-cut for you--even the Cricut pieces so all you have to do is the fun part...the creating and of course adding your photos and memories.  You can purchase my No Worries Flip Flap Book in my In All Sassiness Designs shop.

front cover: 
1.  Use wooden PML card with the planks moving horizontal for the front of the cover. 
2.  Adhere scalloped border to the left edge of the PML card with the scalloped facing inward.  Trim to fit.
3.  Adhere the left over scallops from the border, or 3 from a 2nd border, to the right side of the PML card with the scallops facing inwards.  The top edge is about 1/4” from the upper edge of the card base.
4.  Adhere the title to the scalloped bracket.  Note: this is very delicate.  I suggest using the Bonding Memories Glue Pen to adhere. Once complete, adhere a larger tan sequin to the end of the title flourish.   Adhere the bracket with 3-d Foam tape to the right lower corner of the PML card.  
5.  Adhere a chipboard starfish with one of the points slightly under the bracket.  This is adhered flat.
6.  Adhere the two palm tree stickers to the left of the title bracket and to the right of the long scalloped border.  The darker one is flat and on the right side.  The lighter one is popped up on foam and is to the left.
7.  Adhere the heart circle sticker so that it overlaps the left scalloped border  then adhere a large light wood grain sequin so that it overlaps both pieces.
8.  Cut a small light wood grain sequin in half and adhere half of each against the right edge of the base on top of the border.

To create inside pages:

Page 1:  The base of page 1 is the backside of the PML card used for the front cover of the book.  The wood grain goes vertical.  Cut the arrow zip strip in 1/2.  Center, and adhere on both the left and right sides of the base. Center, and adhere, the Sapphire photo mat inside the base.  This should cover the edges of the zip strip borders.

Page 2:  This is a 4” x 6” horizontal photograph.

Page 3:  Adhere the arrow PML card to the right side of a piece of 4” x 6” White Daisy cs.  Next, center, and adhere, the Cashmere 2 3/4” x 3 3/4” mat inside of the remaining space of the 4” x 6” card —so basically on the left side.  Adhere 2” x 3” photo inside mat.  Adhere white, painted large starfish in the bottom left corner of the mat.  Overlap, and adhere, a small chipboard starfish over the right corner of the first starfish.  Adhere a small cream sequin to the right of the second starfish.

Page 4:  This is a horizontal 4” x 6” photo.

Page 5:  Use beach words 4” x 6” patterned paper as base.  Center, and adhere, the two Glacier 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” mats inside the patterned paper.  Next, center, and adhere, the two Cashmere 2 1/4” x 3 1/4” mats inside the Glacier mats.  Center, and adhere, two 2” x 3” photos inside the Cashmere mats.  Wrap a piece of White Burlap ribbon from the outside edge of the lower left corner and the upper right corner to the photo.  Secure ends behind a circular piece of chipboard - one has a starfish and the other a heart.

Page 6:  Use the “Good Times” 4” x 6” horizontal PML card for the base.  In the upper right corner, adhere the long white and Glacier designed pennant.  This is flush with the upper edge of the base.  To the right about 1/8” adhere the Glacier striped pennant.  Accent the pennants with a medium and large light wood grain sequin and a circular chipboard palm tree accent.

Page 7:  Adhere the 3” x 4” vertical PML card to the back side of page 6.  This is on the left side. Next, adhere a 3” x 4” vertical photo to the right side.  Add a Lagoon patterned scalloped border in between the two.  The scallops face inward.  Trim the border to fit the page.

Page 8:  Use the Sapphire palm tree 4” x 6” patterned paper for the base.  Adhere a Lagoon patterned scalloped border with the flat edge to the right edge of the base.  Trim to fit. 

Page 9:  Use the vertical striped Sapphire and whitewashed white stripe paper as the base.  Center, and adhere, a 3” x 5” photo inside the base.  Accent the upper left corner with two medium cream sequins.

Page 10:  This is a horizontal 4” x 6” photo.  In the lower left corner, adhere rectangle chipboard. Overlap the chipboard with a stripe of Sapphire wood grain paper.  Center, and adhere the “No Worries” sticker to the center of this accent piece.  Balance out each end of the Sapphire stripe with a medium cream sequin.

Back Cover: Use the whitewashed 4” x 6” paper with the Cashmere geometric designs as the base. Adhere the outline title to the base title and then adhere both to the base as desired.  Adhere the chipboard heart in the upper left corner slanted towards the words.  Adhere the chevron chipboard in the bottom left corner.

Each individual page needs a binding.  To create each flip flap page:
-To create binding for the page, cut a piece of White Daisy cardstock to 1 1/2” x 4 1/4”.
 -Score the 1 1/2” direction in half 3/4”.  
  -Next, fold the piece at the score line and use a bone folder to reinforce the fold.  
 -Slide this binding over the adhesive end of one flip flap.  Use the adhesive that is on the flip flap.
   to secure that side to the inside of the binding.
-To adhere the side without the adhesive, use red-lined tape.  Adhere this to the back of the adhesive side of the flip flap then attach to the inside of the paper binding.
-Repeat this process for each of the 6 flip flaps.

Combine the 6 pages to create the book.
-Add red line tape to the front and back of each flip flap page.  This is on the outside of the white daisy cardstock now.  
-Stack, and adhere, the pages to each other.
-For the binding, cut a piece of White Daisy cardstock to 1 3/4” x 4 1/4”.  Score lengthwise at 3/4” and at 1”.
-Next, fold the piece at the score lines and use a bone folder to reinforce the folds.
-Slide the binding over the stack of now-bound flip flaps and adhere the inside to the outside of the top and bottom pages.
-Cut two pieces of patterned paper to 3/4” x 4 1/4”.  Adhere one to the front of the binding and one to the back side.
-Cut a piece of White Burlap ribbon and wrap around binding.  Adhere with red-lined tape and trim to fit.

If you have questions, or stumble along the way, feel free to e-mail me at: and I will be happy to talk you through your questions.

Supplies used:
(X7220B) No Worries Paper Pack; (X7220C) No Worries Compliments; (Z3322) No Worries Sequins; (Z3231) 4” x 6” Flip Flaps; (1385) White Daisy cardstock;  (Z3389) You Are Here Cricut Collection; (retired) Desert Sand cardstock; (X5957) Sapphire cardstock; (retired) Cashmere cardstock; (X5978) Glacier cardstock; (Z3348) Thin Cuts - Scallop Border; (Z3323) White Burlap Ribbon.   

Additional suggested supplies needed:  red lined tape; fine tip scissors; Bonding Memories Glue Pen;

Monday, August 21, 2017

No Worries Block Frame

Our beachy No Worries Paper suite is about to retire (on August 31st or sooner if supplies are depleted) and I find myself loving it more and more with each creation!  Our family doesn't get to go to the beach very often, but the memories that we have made there are most certainly precious.  I wanted to create a cute way to show off some of my favorite pictures in a small space - and this block frame fits the bill.  The frame idea came from the wonderfully talented Tina Sutton -- I just tweaked it to include images from our You Are Here Cricut cartridge (that stinkin' cute crab!) and our No Worries compliments and sequins.  Fun right?  

The frame is a standard 2" x 4" piece of wood cut to 4" in length.  Next, we sanded the blocks and then painted them with a greyish chalkboard paint.  Once this has been done, you can create until your heart is context!  I added background paper, photo mats and then a variety of mediums in embellishments --chipboard, sequins, stickers, and burlap ribbon.  The result...adorableness (at least in my opinion!) and part of the fun, is that the frame is too sided --face one out for a while then flip to to the other side.

You can certainly create your own version of this frame, or if you would like a kit for mine, you can purchase one (or more!) in my In All Sassiness Designs Shop for just $5 each.  Shipping can be combined with other class kits to save on cost, or if I will be seeing you soon, you can forgo the shipping option and I will deliver it personally.  I will be at my Scrap Pink in Gettysburg, PA at the end of September; in Atlantic City, New Jersey with Scrappers Anonymous Getaways in mid October and in Conn. with Croptopia Getaways in early November.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Sweet Baby Elephants

Could there be anything sweeter than baby elephants?  Close To My Heart's new Sweet Baby stamp set, and optional Thin Cut sets, are just the most adorable baby elephants I think I have ever seen!  I love creating with this combo -- and am finding my friends do too!  

For these cards, I paired the Sweet Baby stamp set and Thin Cuts with three of our newest colors: Pewter and Linen (which were just introduced as a part of our Basic color palette) and Bashful (which is our newest Color of the Year).  To embellish the cards, I used our new Bashful Pearls, Bashful Glitter Paper, our "Hi There" and Heart Border Thin Cuts.  

The final addition was a touch of Sea Glass -- which is now retired.  I used this color to create a "boy" version of the first two cards, and to compliment the shaker card.

For this card, I added a shaker card element.  This was created by filling the glitter hearts that were left from cutting out the heart border inside a 2" x 2" flip flap then sealing the flip flap.  The two combined created the perfect shaker element.

For the "boy" Sea Glass version, I substituted White Pearls for the Bashful ones.  Still adorable in my eyes.

Supplies used:

You can order any of these items on my website at:  To order kits of these Sweet Baby Cards, visit my In All Sassiness shop by clicking here.  The kits include all of the pre-cut and pre-stamped pieces to create one each of all 5 cards as well as a color photo and detailed instructions to create the cards.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Stamp-a-ganza Blog Hop

Welcome to our Scattered Hearts Blog hop celebrating the July Stamp-a-ganza event!  All month long, you can purchase our regular priced My Acrylix stamps sets for buy 2 get 1 free!  Order as many sets and you would like!  Our team has put together a blog hop to showcase some of our favorite stamp sets!

I chose the Little Dreamer Cardmaking stamp set.  I love the little unicorn!  We wanted to use Unicorn suckers for a team meeting and the colors were primary so I opted to tailor my tag to match those colors verses the colors in the Little Dreamer palette.  The stamp lends the artist to twist, and create, as desired as each little piece of the unicorn is a separate stamp -- and together they form the mane, snout, horn, tail and body.

1.  To begin cut the tag out with the Artbooking Cricut cartridge.  The tag key will be used three times.  Once with the Willow for the base, a second time with White Daisy for the front of the tag and a third time in Pansy for the back of the tag.
2.  Using Black ink, stamp the sentiment "always be yourself..." on the Pansy tag.  Center, and adhere, to the back of the Willow tag.
3.  Stamp the small star image around the outside border of the white tag with Pansy, Willow, Tangerine and Cranberry inks.  Center, and adhere the white tag to the front of the green tag.
4.  Stamp the unicorn as desired.  Adhere with 3-d foam tape to the tag.  Add a bow made from the baker's twine to the unicorn's neck.  
5.  Stamp the banner and adhere with 3-d foam tape as well.
6.  Stamp the larger red star and adhere with 3-d foam tape.
7.  Adhere a cluster of White Dots to the tag.
Supplies used:
C1677 Little Dreamer - Cardmaking (note: this is also available with coordinating Thin Cuts Z3335).
Z3314 Black and White Dots
Z2805 Black Exclusive Ink Pad
Z2804 Pansy Exclusive Ink Pad
Z2816 Cranberry Exclusive Ink Pad
Z2807 Willow Exclusive Ink Pad
Z2809 Tangerine Exclusive Ink Pad
Z1151 3-d Foam Tape
X5782 Pansy cardstock
X5784 Willow cardstock
1385 White Daisy cardstock
Z3095 Whisper Baker's twine 

Now, hop over to Teresita Avelo's blog to see her fabulous creation!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ten reasons to become a Close To My Heart Consultant in July!

July is THE month to join my Hearts with Sass Family and Close To My Heart! 
Why you ask?  Let me tell you!
1.  Our new Consultant kit is just $75 and with that you can choose $50 in select product of your choice!  Including, brand new product that is only available to consultants until August 1st!

2.  Our immediate team, and our larger team, are both award winning teams!  Here you will find talented artists, business women, and men, that are ready, willing, and able to help coach you to success in your new business!

3.  Did I say newness?!  On August 1st, we will unveil our new Annual Inspirations Idea book and on September 1st, we will unveil our new Seasonal Expression Idea Book with our new Christmas and Fall offerings.  As a consultant, you may purchase these items 1 month early!  

4.  Fabulous support system!  Our team has a team Facebook page where we support one another, answer questions and inspire one another!

5.  You will receive a sign-on bonus when you join my Hearts With Sass team of FOUR new ink pads in our fantastic new colors!  On-trend, and will want these in your color collection!

6.  July is Stamp-a-ganza!  When you join in July, and submit $300 in commissionable sales (which with all the newness will certainly not be hard!) by August 31, you will receive our complete Word Puzzle, 12 stamp set, bundle from the company for FREE and a new My Acrylix Stamp Organizer from me to hold your new stamps in!
*You can also earn this set free as a hostess of a $450 party, or can purchase the bundle out right for a savings (buy 2 get 1 free).

7.  New consultants have the chance to earn awesome rewards in their first 90 days as a consultant when they strive, and reach, their Straight To The Top Sale Goals!  

8.  A discount (yes, please!) on your own purchases!  Beginning at 22%, you will never have to pay full price for your scrapbooking supplies while you are a consultant!  Just think about that!  

9.  A easy minimum!  Our consultants have a low quarterly minimum to stay active.  Your first minimum will not be required until December 31st, but it is so easy to meet (again, think of how much you spend monthly on adhesive alone!) this - and the fall quarter is our best quarter for sales!

10.  New Cricut collections!  Yes, I said collections!  We have 2 this fall -- and both can be yours earlier than the general public!  If you meet your Straight To The Top top tier, you can earn the Hello USA digital collection OR our new Thin Cuts Alphabet set free in celebration from me!

AND the first 3 to join my Hearts with Sass team in July will receive an added bonus...our new Color of the Year Bashful bundle!  Complete with ink pad, Glitter paper, and cardstock!  You will fall in love with this color!
Need more information?  Want to see our new kit?  Ready to join us?  Click here for all three questions!