Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sassy 25 Days of Christmas (2021) - Day 18 Craft Jars!

 Sassy 25 Days of Christmas (2021) - Day 18 Craft Jars!

You can order this special in my shop at:

Back by request, welcome to the Sassy 25 Days of Christmas!  Each day, from now until Christmas, I will be sharing a special of some sort.  Some might be product, other might be class kits, but either way, this is a great way to celebrate your love of scrapbooking and paper crafting all December long!  

The days specials will be posted each day around 3PM and will be only good until 2:59PM on the following day.  There is be a special link in my shop for that days special.  The special price is the final price - there is nothing additional for tax.  Visit here on my blog, or my shop each day to check out the special and order the ones that you like!  The shipping will be set to pick up so that shipping charges are not assessed.

During the week between Christmas and New Years, I will be sending out all orders from the collective 25 days.  If shipping is needed, you will then be sent an invoice for the actual shipping to you (for most customers this is right around $10 per box) although depending on the weight, it might be a little more.  Once you pay the invoice on a secure site, your box of all your happiness will be mailed to you.

Anyone who takes advantage of 5 of the 25 days will receive a special gift in their box.

Additionally, all VIP's that take of advantage of 5 of the 25 days will receive a free pack of the Smitten Paper with Sticker sheet with their box!  VIP's will also receive VIP Credit for the purchase price of their special orders all month.

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