Friday, October 22, 2021

Shimmer Trim Overlay Layout

Darlings, you most certainly are marvelous!!  Love this layout!! The color combination used, the overlay, the details, and of course, the "darlings" that the layout was created for!

Truth.  I re-created, tweaked, and altered a card design that I used many moons ago (we are talking maybe 2013 when Artbooking was first introduced!) and made it into a layout design that I am now even more in love with than the initial card!

The overlay design was significantly altered, sliced, and welded in Design Space to create the look that I wanted and so that the design would stretch the length of a 12" page so you are actually seeing 4 different sections 4" x 12" in size, all created on the base pages.

The Shimmer Trim that I used in the Darlings layout is Flamingo and Papaya however, this could be tweaked to your choice of colors -- or even to highlight more than two colors - this is just the combination I really like for my photographs.  If going with my sequence, the layout will require 4 rolls of shimmer trim with a little left on each roll.

The words "Darlings" and "marvelous" are cut three times, stacked and adhered directly on top of one another for stability.  As the title is so incredibly intricate it was challenging to pop the title up with Thin Foam Tape, and stacking the layers of cardstock helped create that thickness and height so that there is more depth in the layout.  Because of the texture of the Shimmer Trim, it is important to adhere the title over the White Daisy overlay so that the title has something to adhere too.

Hand-journaling isn't typically my forte' however I decided to journal directly on the overlay itself.  Doing this didn't break the flow of the overlay yet become a complimenting component of the layout.

The Clear Shimmer Brush was used on the stamped macarons to pull in the glitter component.  These worked great for my personal layout, but could easily be switched to another embellishment for another layout.

Now that you have seen the possibilities for the layout, here is the card design that the layout originated from with updated colors.  This is indeed a 5" x 7" card and perfect for a special occasion.


So let's take this step-by-step on how to create the overlay portion of this layout:

For this step-by-step, Candy Apple and Clover Green Shimmer Trims were used.

1.  Begin with the overlay.  Flip this to the back side where all the attachment, and positioning, will take place.

2.  Adhere Red-Line Tape to the edges and any of the spaces that will allow for it.  Also note, extending the red line tape to the All-Purpose mat helps keep the overlay in one spot and makes it easier to add the layers accurately.

3.  When attaching the Shimmer Trim, begin with the large scallop part of the overlay.  Attach the shimmer trim face down to the overlay allowing it to stick to the red line tape.  

4.  Using fine tip scissors, cut notches - essentially triangles - at each place where the scallop "dips". This is easiest accomplished by cutting from the front glitter side.  

5.  Remove the film from the scalloped portion of the shimmer trim.  

6.  Now, adhere the next layer of the shimmer trim making sure to attach it to the back of the scalloped shimmer trim.  This will keep the pieces from moving while you are filling in the spaces.

7.  Continue until all open spaces have been covered.

8.  Pull any remaining film from the back of the shimmer trim.  Adhere entire section to the White Daisy base.

9.  Using fine tip scissors, or a paper trimmer, trim all shimmer trim edges, that exceed the base, off.

10.  Repeat with all four sections.

11.  And you are done!  Easy right?


Both the layout, and the card set, are available in my shop at  When ordering my kits for either the layout, or the 5" x 7" cards, you have color choices!  I can't wait to see what color combinations that you will put together!  

Supplies used: (Z3515) Black journaling pen, (1385) White Daisy (Z3801) Flamingo Shimmer Trim, (Z5014) Papaya Shimmer Trim, (X6047) Black cs, (Z3314) Black & White Dots, (Z2805) Black Exclusive Ink, (Z4101) Ooh, La, La Macarons Stamp & Thin Cuts, (Z3777) Waterfall Thin Cuts (the title banner), (retired) Stitched Circle Thin Cuts, (Z3293) Clear Shimmer Brush, (D2063) Smile Big Stamp Set,  (Z2060) Thin 3-d Foam tape, (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots, ((Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z5024) Red Line Tape, Z3340) Dual Tip Permanent Glue Pen. Markers/Shimmer brushes of choice to color the macarons.  All of the current items may be purchased on my Close To My Heart website at:

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