Sunday, October 17, 2021

All My Heart Layout

The Close To My Heart Art Department never disappoints with absolutely beautiful artwork, and this the piece that this was inspired by was of course no exception!  As with other artwork in year's past, I selected this layout for my "How did they do that?" Class and taught this layout at my recent Scrap Pink Crop.  The layout was just too fabulous not too and represented so much of what I wanted to share, and empower with, at my event.

The layout is perfect for a single page layout, a cover or back page for an album, or a shadow box layout.  Of the attendees present, I believe several plan to do both options.

You will note that the title is created with glitter letters that are the same font as our wooden letters - and even though they are different mediums - they are the same font.  How awesome is that?  The font in Cricut is called DTC Spring Break and it is almost an exact match to the font of our letters.  So what does it mean for you? It means that you now have the opportunity to mix the wood shapes with letters that you cut out on the Cricut.  To ensure that they are the same height, change the height of each individual letter to 1.0.  So, for this layout, if you prefer the wood letters, you could switch them out.  Click see here to see an i.e. of how I have used both the wood and the Cricut cut in the same layout.
Once the title is positioned in place, the remaining space is filled with an assortment of our wooden and black acrylic shapes.  You could use the exact ones that I have used, or mix and match ones that work best with your pictures and personal style.  Each type of shape is available from Close To My Heart in wood, Black Acrylic and White Acrylic.

Photo sizes:  3” x 3”.  Additional 3” x 3” may be added with Flip Flaps.

Adhesive Note:  The wooden, and acrylic shapes, adhere best to cardstock with Mini Glue Dots, Liquid Glass or Tombow Dual Permanent Glue Pen (clear).

Special note:  This class was taught to my Scrap Pink attendees.  The directions were written to correspond with the kits they were given.  For those who would like to make this layout not using the kits I created for my attendees, you will need the following cardstock and Glitter papers:  1 sheet of Black cs, 1 sheet of Papaya cs, 1 sheet of Wild Berry cs,  a 4" x 4" piece of Black Glitter Paper,  a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of either Papaya or Wild Berry cs, a 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" piece of either Papaya or Wild Berry cs, (3) hearts cut out of Shortbread cs, a 3" piece of Papaya Shimmer Trim and a 3" piece of Wild Berry Shimmer Trim.


1.  Determine if you prefer the Papaya cs on top matted on the Wild Berry or the Wild Berry on top matted on the Papaya.

2.  Cut the “mat” (Wild Berry shown in sample) to 11 1/2” x 11 1/2”.  Center, and adhere, to the Black cs base.

3.  Cut the top color (Papaya shown in sample) to 11 1/4” x 11 1/4”.  Center, and adhere, to the cs mat.

4.  Using a journaling pen, doodle a design, or hand journal, around the edge of the top cs.

5.  Adhere the three Shortbread hearts together and adhere to the top cs at desired angle.  The thickness of layering these will provide stability for the embellishments.

6.  Using a journaling pen, doodle a design, or hand journal, around the outer edge of the heart.

7.  Stamp heart of choice with Black Exclusive Ink below the lower left curvature of the heart and adhere Black Acrylic Hearts around the stamped image.

8.  Adhere two additional Black Acrylic Hearts above the right upper curvature of the left side of the heart.

9.  Adhere the Black Glitter square to the right mid-lower section of the heart.  Where this overlaps the Shortbread cs heart, this is adhered flat.  Where it extends to the right of the heart, adhere with Thin Foam Tape.

10.  Dovetail the two pieces of Papaya and Wild Berry Shimmer Trim.  Leave the film on the back of the Shimmer Trim.  Attach these to the back of the chosen bottom cs mat with Red Line Tape.  Anchor the dovetail ends of the Shimmer Trim to the base with Thin Foam Tape.

11.  Cut the chosen bottom cs mat to 3 1/2” x 3 1/2” and adhere to the Black Glitter mat with Thin Foam Tape.

12.  Cut the chosen top cs mat to 3 1/4” x 3 1/4” and adhere the bottom cs mat.  

13.  Stamp heart of choice with Black Exclusive Ink below the Black Glitter mat and add Black Acrylic Hearts around the stamped image.

14.  Add an additional Black Acrylic Heart to the right of the Black Glitter Mat.

15.  Position, and adhere the glitter letters, or optional font.  Position, and adhere, the glitter “x” and “o” in the upper  right curvature of the heart.

Adding the embellishments to the layout:

 1.  When adhering the embellishments to the layouts, the thinking process is similar to that of random stamping.  Start with the larger Wooden & Black Acrylic embellishments, then move to the medium and finally the smaller ones: filling and balancing the empty spaces as you go.   For balance, I recommend positioning the pieces before adhering them down.

2.  Once the acrylic and wooden pieces are adhered down, adhere the sequins, dots, and Glitter Gems.  I find it works best to work in a triangle format adding one type of embellishment at a time, then moving to the next type then the next and so on.  Once all embellishments have been adhered, go back and see if additional ones of the various types should be added to fill in the spaces and for balance.

Special Note: there is a wooden * and a Black diamond shown in the picture that are not included in the kits.  And, some of the buttons might have a different design than what is shown.

Supplies used: (X6059) Shortbread cs, (X6063) Papaya cs, (X6047) Black cs, (X6056) Wild Berry cs, (Z2543) Papaya Glitter Paper, (Z2538) Wild Berry Glitter Paper, (Z3236) Black Glitter Paper, (Z5014) Papaya Shimmer Trim, (Z5012) Wild Berry Shimmer Trim, (Z5008) Wild Berry Dots, (Z5018) Wild Berry Glitter Gems, (Z5021) Wild Berry Loose Sequins, (Z679) Liquid Glass, (Z3547) Piercing Tool, (Z3515, Z3516 or Z3517) Black Journaling Pen, (Z6014) Black Acrylic Hearts, (Z6023) Black Acrylic Brackets, (Z6011) Black Acrylic Buttons, (Z6020) Black Acrylic Arrows, (Z6026) Black Acrylic Flowers, (Z6009) Wood Buttons, (Z6012) Wooden Hearts, (Z6021) Wooden Brackets, (Z6018) Wooden Arrows, (Z6024) Wooden Flowers, (Z2805) Exclusive Black Ink Pad, (Z2060) Thin 3-d Foam tape, (Z3341) Thin 3-d Foam Dots, ((Z3372) Adhesive Runner, (Z5014) Red Line Tape, (Z341) Mini Glue Dots, (Z3340) Dual Tip Permanent Glue Pen. All of the current items may be purchased on my Close To My Heart website at:

Sassfully yours,

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