Saturday, November 21, 2020

Home for the Holidays

It is a Buckeye day (Go Bucks!) so what better day to share this layout created incorporating our new color Scarlet?

This layout was designed, and inspired, from a favorite Christmas layout several years ago and I love the fresh new look!  Such a simple layout to create and by pairing the patterned paper with just cardstock, it allows the pattern paper to just pop!

So let's walk through creating the layout.  You can create it with the Comfort and Joy paper collection, or another favorite paper collection.

1.  The bases for both pages are French Vanilla cardstock.
2.  For the left page, the patterned paper is 11" x 11".  This is centered, and adhered to the base.
3.  The green paper is New England Ivy.  This piece is 8" x 11".  It is adhered flush with the right base edge and centered vertically.
4.  Cut a 2" x 12"  piece of Candy Apple cs.  Adhere 2" to the left of the right base edge.
5.  Cut a 1/2" piece of Scarlet Glitter paper.  Adhere to the right of the Candy Apply cs.
6.  Cut a 5 1/4" x 7 1/4" piece of French Vanilla cs.  Center, and adhere, with Thin Foam Tape with the NEI space to the left of the Candy Apple cs.
7.  Cut a 5" x  7" piece of Candy Apple cs.  Center, and adhere, inside the French Vanilla mat with Thin Foam Tape.
8.  Cut, and adhere, a 1" x 3" piece of Scarlet cs.  Adhere to the left of the combined mats/NEI piece and flush with the left base edge.
9.  Create a sticker/embellishment cluster in the lower left corner of the photo.
10.  For the right page, cut two pieces of 4" x 12" New England Ivy cs.  Adhere the top one with the dark side up 2" below the upper base edge.  Adhere the lower one with the light side up directly below the dark one.  Both pieces should align with the corresponding NEI piece on the left page.
11.  Cut, and adhere, a 3" x 11" piece of the patterned paper.  Adhere 1/2" to the left of the right base edge and center vertically.
12.  Cut five 3" x 4" mats from Candy Apple cs.  Adhere the first one flat overlapping the patterned paper and over the dark NEI cs.  Adhere the remaining four pieces with Thin Foam Tape within the NEI cardstock - two per section.
13.  Cut two pieces of Scarlet Glitter paper: one 1/2" x 4 1/2" and the second 1/2" x 6 1/2".  Adhere both flush with the left base edge.  The shorter one is 1/4" below the light NEI cs and the longer piece is 1/4" below that one.
14.   Create a cluster of stickers/embellishments over the glitter strips.
15.  Add the bow sticker with Thin Foam Tape to the top of the flat 3" x 4" Candy Apple mat.  Add a dot of Carnation Liquid Pearls to the center of the bow.
16.  Adhere the "Home for the Holidays" sticker in the lower right corner of the base as shown.
17.  Using the Liquid Pearls Red Carnation, Opal and Onyx, add "dots" to the patterned paper randomly to look like berries.  
18.  Using the Red Carnation Liquid Pearls, adhere two dots to the right of the shorter Scarlet Glitter strip and two dots to the left of the upper part of the patterned paper strip.
19.  Use the Gold Shimmer Brush and brush along the veins of the poinsettias.

Detail photos:

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Make it sassy!

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