Thursday, December 8, 2016

On the 8th day of Christmas, my consultant offered me...flip flaps and organizers!

What you say?  Two specials in one day?  That is correct!  My kids drew two specials out of our organizer and couldn't decide which one was better, so we decided to offer both!

So, on this 8th day of a Sassy Scrapbooking Christmas, my consultant offered me, Flip Flaps at buy 3 get 1 free! (the least expensive item is the one for free). And if you haven't been around as of late, we have new sizes and styles that were introduced in our new Annual Inspirations book back in August!  Now, all rectangle sized flip flaps come in a package with half of the adhesive strips being vertical and half being horizontal!  Oh, the possibilities this has opened up for us!  In addition, we added a 5" x 7" (WAHOO!!!) size, and now the smaller sizes are in same size packaging.  I just love that one of my favorite products keeps getting better and better!  Click here to see all of the awesome size possibilities!

Orientation for 3" x 4". 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" Flip Flaps.
Orientation for 2" x 2", 3" x 3" 4" x 4" Flip Flaps.

6" x 12" Flip Flaps

In addition, on the 8th day of a Sassy Scrapbooking Christmas, my consultant offered me organizers buy 2 get 1 free. The least expensive organizer is the one that will be free.  This special is great for yourself, to pass along to Santa as a desired gift for yourself (simply forward this special to him at his workshop) or great to buy one for you and share one as a gift for a scrapbooking, or even not, scrapbooking friend!  To see all of the organizational possibilities, click here.

My favorite organizer is the Mini-Stamp Organizer!  Love the durability, portability and all around cuteness of this box!  Great for your mini-stamps of course, or rolls of ribbon/shimmer trim; they are also great for carrying small projects to work on in Mommy time (at ballet rehearsals, etc.) but they are also great for non-scrapbooking uses---I have one made up into a first aide kit for my van; the kids use them for crayons and scissors; they are great for all sorts of little things: teacher's card boxes, chore box, prayer box, coin name it!  Once you have one, you will certainly want more!

Day 8's specials will be available to order until 10PM on Friday, December 9th eastern standard time.

12 Days of a Sassy Christmas Ordering instructions:
Each day, I will post a special that will be available to order for 24 hours and a new special will be posted each day for 12 days.  To take advantage of that day's special, e-mail your order to me at:  Each day, and with each new special, I will send you an invoice for that day's special.  You can pay for the order on a secure website with any credit or debit card.  You may add additional specials as we move through the 12 days of Sassy Christmas specials by going through the same process.  To save you on shipping charges, and in the case that you earn additional free product (for reaching $100 in sales) or some of the earned hostess rewards  from this event, your order will not be shipped until December 12th.  Each day that you place an order, your will be entered into a drawing for a portion of the Hostess Rewards!  If you orders over the course of the 12 days, equal $100 or more, you will receive a free Medium Organizer.  

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