Saturday, August 29, 2015

Celebrating one's namesake

As a family, we did not have a summer vacation planned this summer, however I asked my children at the beginning of the summer to make a list of realistic (and yes, we had to review what realistic means) things that they would like to do.  Their list were quite long, as one would expect for three little people, and of course, some were out of our bounds, but we found some grand adventures together as we checked off some of the items on their lists. 

One of the items on Abby's list was to take flowers to her Grandma Margie at the cemetery.  She also wanted to take a flower to my Mommy Ann who she never had the privilege of knowing, but whom she asks about quite frequently.  Abby's middle name is Kniceley and she was named for both of these ladies as well as my other Great Aunts, Uncle and Grandfather who shared their name.  They each had an amazing influence on my life and naming my daughter for them collectively was a way that my husband, and I, chose, to honor them.  Abby has always been very proud of her namesake and it is very important to her.

The kids, my mom, and I were finally able to make it to Crewe yesterday.  When visiting the cemetery, each of my kids wanted to leave a special treasure -- Abby had already chosen the roses, Nicholas asked if he could leave one of his bracelets, that he made, for his Grandma Margie, and Mommy Ann, and Gabriel asked to leave a "memory" stone that he found.

I am blessed that my children have such fond memories of their "Grandma Margie" - she was indeed an amazing, loving, and cherished woman - and that we are able to celebrate those memories together.  I am equally blessed that they want to celebrate my mom's mom, dad, and aunts and uncles that are no longer with us.  My heart is indeed full.

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