Saturday, May 23, 2015

Preserving art work with Studio J!

I am 100% Studio J passionate!  I absolutely love it and what it can do for my scrapbooks!  Knowing that, I am also continually looking for new ways to use Studio J in my life and to push that bar to create even more digital awesomeness.  

A few weeks ago, my son's teacher ran in the Boston Marathon.  The kids talked about her dream, of 20 years, constantly.  They followed her marathon performance during the entire race from her tracking chip.  I was blessed to be in their classroom when she crossed the finish line and cannot begin to explain the cheers and excitement that came from her students! I so wish I had thought ahead to record their reactions.  I think she would have been as proud of them as they were of her!

That being said, the reason I was in the class is that Nicholas, my son, had asked if I would help himself, and his classmates, create a book for his teacher where they could tell her how proud of her they were.  We brainstormed a little, and I planned time with his principle to volunteer in the classroom while Mrs. Crews was in Boston.  Each of her students created a piece of artwork to include in her book.  Some were amazing let me tell you - and so thoughtful.  

I took their pictures, scanned them, and entered them into Studio J.  Once in Studio J, I matted the pictures with a double Ruby and Black mat (their school colors), and created a title page, dedication page and end page with the help of Nicholas.  We order the prints and put the book together.  I was so delighted with the end results as was his teacher.

One might ask, why not just give her the originals?  That would have also been a good idea but by using Studio J, the pages were all uniform, thinner, acid free and not warped from the surplus of markers.  In addition, this method preserved the memories with quite the professional look.  The kids were so excited to see how their pictures looked so "real".

Here are the images of the title page, dedication page and end page as well as my son Nicholas' page. I would love to have posted the other students work but am refraining because of privacy.  I hope you will understand but also understand the concept of the way the book was created by seeing Nicholas' work.

Studio J can be a great way to create year-end gifts for teachers or to preserve your own child's artwork and writing samples.  To get started, set up an account and have fun today!  Visit: today and of course, if you have any questions, send me an e-mail at:

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