Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sassy Studio J Saturday - Photos in Picture My Life format

As you know, I have a passion for Studio J scrapbooking! So true! During the month of August, Close To My Heart is featuring their Picture My Life Scrapbooking Program so I thought I would combine the two! Fun right?  One of the most fantastic features of Studio J is that you can print beautiful 12" x 12" photos as is...or as I have done, with text.  My family went to the shore/beach a few weeks ago and we were fascinated with this group of Seagulls.  To preface, I am a part of a photography group and one of our assignments was "flight" which was what initiated this fascination.  I set my camera to speed shooting and captured several of the seagulls flights.  Breathtaking.  When I reviewed my pictures there were so many that I wanted to highlight but when I started looking at the scrapbooking papers they all seemed to take away from the essence of what I wanted to portray.  I decided to print my favorite picture as a 12" x 12" and balance it out by choosing additional favorites to place in the pocket page.  I wanted a simple clean overall feel thus I typed the title and the journaling directly on the large photo.  This is my finished layout - forgive the photography, I was trying to avoid the glare on the page protectors.

To see the layout in greater detail, simply click on the layout and it will open in a new window.

This is the left page in true color - (from the j-peg)

 Here is the how I printed my pictures using the No-Limits template.

Once I received the 12" x 12" page of photos, I cut them, rounded the corners, rearranged them a little and then slid them into the pocket page protector.

Happy Saturday!  Create something exciting!

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