Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sassy Studio J Saturday!

Happy Sassy Saturday!  I have had such a response to some of the recent artwork that I have created with our Studio J digital line, that I have decided to start a Studio J series on Saturdays here on my blog.  I can't promise that I will post EVERY Saturday, as my little ones often have very busy schedules, but I will do my best to share, and illustrate, new and creative ways to incorporate Studio J in your scrapbooks, photo processing, projects and daily lives.

For today, I want to share a project that I did for my up-lines team meeting at our National Convention at Disneyland last week.  Her Scattered Hearts Team is amazing and truly a unique group of team members that are scattered all around the country.  On the night before our convention kicks off, we get together for an evening of fun, art, catching up and awards.  This year, my up-line has had a great deal going on with some family medical issues, so I thought I would help out.  We had done a team meeting together in Florida back in May where I showcased Studio J, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to show the other team members a few ideas they could use in their business and help Tina out at the same time.  

I created name tags for each of the team members that were on Tina's RSVP list in Studio J.  This was done by using the No Limits Layout Design and the Grins and Giggles paper pattern.  I created 3" x 4" photo wells and then added two of the patterned papers into the wells so we would have a variety.  I then added a 2" x 3" piece of vellum into the well and centered it.  Inside the vellum I typed each team members name in the font that I felt was the most "disney-fied".  I then added three Black buttons to create a Mickey head and added the Cranberry thread to complete the look.  Unfortunately, the program does not allow you to cut and paste created elements so each Mickey head had to created individually--but the result made it so worth it!

To make things go faster, I finished one complete 12" x 12" page, and purchased the j-peg.  I then re-loaded the j-peg into the no-limits for both the left and right side and all I had to do was add the names.  Simple!  Because this entire project was put together just days before our meeting, and I was worried about individuals having not RSVPed, I created two sheets of black name tags as well - this way, all they had to do was write their name on the tag with a Sharpie.

My finished name tag!

 Blank page waiting for the names to be added.

This is what the the finished "two page" spread looked like with the names.

I loved how Disney-fied everyone looked with their cute name tags!  This is such a cute, and professional, looking idea that could be used for any meeting, crop, event.  Here is another example of one that I did for my spring crop.  These were more embellished but you can embellish, or not embellish as much as desired!

Happy Studio-J ing!

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