Friday, April 11, 2014

Slightly Bent...

"Under the earth."

I am a part of a photography group that I have really enjoyed and within this group we are each responsible to take a picture each week of the given topic.  We can choose how we interpret the topic. This week, our topic was "slightly bent".  I took about 70 pictures during Abby's field class trip to the Luray Caverns on Thursday.  

Abby partook in capturing the shots that she desired as she would tell me "Mommy, take a picture of that, and Mommy I want you to take a picture of this one".  We hung back to the end of the group and were in our own little world and I loved every minute of it--she was so engaged.  Until one little boy started teasing her about taking so many pictures.  But (Insert proud mommy moment here!) my little girl, and mind you, I do believe she is the smallest in her class, turned to the boy who was much bigger than her and said "don't bully me.  I want my Mommy to take these pictures; she is making memories of my memories; and my book will be the specialist so leave me alone."  She wasn't mean with the way she said her words but let me tell you...she made her point and he didn't say a word to her again.

This was my favorite of "our" memories of memories which is the one I submitted to my group.

And here a few of the others that we took.

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