Monday, March 3, 2014

31 Days of Studio J - My Way. Day 3. Celebrating International Polar Bear Day.

Last Thursday was International Polar Bear Day, which to many might sound like just another made-up day to add to the calendar, but in our house, International Polar Day ranks up with holidays like Valentine's Day and Halloween!  Unusual you say?  If you knew, or know of my son, Gabriel you would understand.  He has this unparalleled love and passion for Polar Bears and has maintained this passion since he was about 9 months old.  As parents, we try to foster our children's interests and as a family, we have all fallen for the Polar Bears.  Family trips are planned around possible visits to zoos that have Polar Bears and we are frequent followers of p.b. web-cams all over the world.  So a few years ago, we also started celebrating International Polar Bear Day that falls on Feb. 27th.  

Because Gabriel has a summer birthday, he uses this day to celebrate his "un-birthday" at school with his friends.  This year, I made little Polar Bear Ice Cream treats with chocolates for the ears, eyes and noses.  They were super easy to make and his friends loved them!

And for a special treat, we found little Polar Bear seed cards that Gabriel took to his friends.  We printed his favorite Polar Bear picture hugging the world in Studio J (great representation for the meaning of International Polar Bear Day -- and saving the Polar Bears and their Arctic ice) and included the pictures in with the little seed bears.  When his friends plant the bears in the spring -- provided that spring ever arrives -- they will bloom into flowers!  

After school, we had a celebration at home with ice cream cake (Gabriel choose ice cream cake because as he proclaimed the bears "needed cold food") and all of Gabriel's Polar Bears.  I took pictures to capture the memories of course and scrapbooked the pictures for Abby and Gabriel in Studio J. Gabriel helped with the designing of his layout.

To see a more detailed view of the layouts, click the layout and it will open larger in a new window.  

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