Sunday, January 5, 2014

LOVEworks Sculptures.

As many others, my family and I have have made a few New Year Resolutions.  We have the typical "get more organized", "spend more quality time together" and so forth; but the resolution that I am the most excited about, as I think I can also speak for my kids and my husband, is our resolution to see the all of Virginia's LOVEworks Sculptures this year. These sculptures are popping up all over Virginia, many with themes of that specific location, and they have intrigued us.  We first discovered the LOVEworks when they built one here in Luray at the caverns and then we found a second one in Culpepper and the rest is history.  So for New Year's Weekend, we kicked off our family resolution by going to a LOVEworks Sculpture in Manassas were the kids blew their New Year's horns and wore that hats.  I hope to share our LOVEwork journey with you here on my blog. 

To see a larger image of the layout, simply click on the layout and it will open in a new window.

And yes, I just realized that I wrote 2013 on my layout!  I will have to go back and edit that one!

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