Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Sweet Life Is!

Tonight I wanted to share a book that I created in Studio J for a kids/tween class that I recently taught. The girls did really well with the class and I loved seeing the books they created with their own personal flairs!  The class was such a rewarding experience for me!

To create the book, I went into Studio J and used the Stella Paper Pack which has very trendy colors and ones that were bright enough that I thought would delight the girls.  I created four layouts adding my own personal touches (stitching, elements, titles etc) and purchased just the J-Pegs.  Next, I took those J-Pegs and loaded them as individual pictures back into Studio J.  I used the No-Limits layout design and created four 6" x 6" photo wells on each page for a total of 8 wells.  Once the layout photos were loaded I printed the layouts as is.  So ultimately, each gal received a full 2-page 12" x 12" layout in their kit.  Because of their ages, and the time restraint, I cut the pages into the 6" x 6" size. 

 Next, we cut the flaps off of two 6" Flip Flaps.  These were then adhered with Red-Lined tape to the cover of 6" accordion books as a protective layer -- my thoughts were the covers would have more handling so this would assist in preserving their books longer.  Later, we would slide the cover pages into these sleeves.  Next, we added the Stella Canvas My Stickease to the pages as the girls desired.  This added lots of texture and dimension to the books.  After this, we adhered the pages to an Accordion Album and slid the covers into their pockets.  We then added Flip Flaps from the Small Flip Flap Assortment over the photo mats.  

The girls took their books home and will add photographs to their books.  The journaling can be done with a Sharpie which will not smear on the photo paper.  

I did create a few extra books and am able to sell them as kits.  Each has the needed supplies, the 6x6 Accordion Album and color step by step instructions included.  The kits are $18.00.  Add $3.00 for shipping if applicable.  

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How Sweet Life Is Accordion Book Kit


  1. My daughter loved making this album at Croptopia.


  2. Thanks Laura! I had a blast with the girls!