Friday, June 7, 2013

Cupcake Celebration!

Today was the last day of school for my children.  Part of me is excited to have them home for the summer.  The other part wonders where in the world did the time go and reminds me to live every moment in the moment while I am blessed with them home with me. After a very late night on Wed., the kids were super grouchy yesterday and no one wanted to go to school this morning.  I promised that we would celebrate the end of their school year and their successes when they came home today with a cupcake celebration.  We were to go to Imagination Station (our local amazing playground but it has been a chilly and very rainy day so our cupcake celebration was relocated to our family room.  I marveled hearing all about their last day of school and their sweet good byes to beloved teachers and friends.

Abby had a little something extra to celebrate!  Look -- she lost her 2nd tooth!  And on the eve of the last day of school!  "whoosh...Mommy, that was close.  I almost didn't get to show Mrs. Fairbanks!"
Abigail so proud to officially be a 1st grader!

Nicholas, now a Third Grader!

Gabriel, officially a Second Grader!

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