Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Tutu Treat Tubes

My five year old daughter wanted Valentine favors for her Ballet class that just happens to be in session on Valentine's day.  I took several days trying to come up with something that I liked and finally came up with ballet style treat tubes.  The clear treat tubes are available from Close To My Heart (are currently on back order, but I do have some in stock so if you are in need, you can e-mail me at:  inallsassiness@gmail.com.  Other materials that I used were the Pink and Red Gems (adhesive back), two shades of pink tulle, and two different types of sheer pink ribbon that I had on hand. 

To create to the tutu tubes:
1.  Cut two shades of pink tulle and fold each in half.
2.  Use a pair of fabric or ribbon scissors (I used Tim Holtz's) and cut a scallop pattern through the tulle.  The Tulle can be challenging to cut and was much easier when cutting through layers.

3.  Adhere a piece of Red Line tape approx. 3/4" from the bottom.

5.  Attach by wrapping and adding pleats the darker shade of tulle to the tube.  Add a second layer of tape and repeat with the lighter color of tulle.  The pleats are important or the material lays to flat.

6.  Adhere a narrower piece of of the tape to the top seam of the tulle.  Adhere a thin sheer ribbon on top of this to create the top of the skirt.

7.  Use a glue dot and attach a small sheer ribbon to the narrow ribbon.  Adhere an additional piece of tape to the top of the tube.  Use a different sheer ribbon and adhere to the top of the container.

8.  Randomly add, or let your little ballerina add, sparkle gems to the clear part of the tube.
9.  Fill tube with candy.

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