Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grinch Dinner

Last week, we decided to have a special Grinch night in our home.  The idea was inspired by a post on Pinterest of "Grinch cookies".  I re-read the book and decided to create the traditionally Who-ville dinner or Rare Roast Beast, Who-pudding and Who-hash.  I made little Cornish hens for the kids who found it funny that they had their very own "Beast" on their plates; corned beef hash and vanilla pudding dyed green.  We made the evening even more of a treat by letting the kids eat on our china.  We went our separate ways for Scouts and Choir, and then returned to a Grinch dessert night and all watched the movie together (even Molly).  I had a fun time planning, and cooking (well...for the most part...minus the two dozen broken eggs on the floor when the tray on my refrigerator fell to the floor) the meal, and the spirits were soaring all night.  I loved seeing the kids tell the story of our dinner to our friends the next their faces, I could tell they enjoyed the night.  Here are the layouts that I did for each child. 

To see a larger view of the layouts, click on the layout itself.

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