Saturday, November 3, 2012

Showing our thankfulness: enhanced by the Close To My Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge

I thought since November is a month of thanks and of giving, that I would share some projects that I, or my family, have made to show our thanks for important individuals in our lives.  I hope to inspire you to "pay it forward" and create something handmade and heartfelt for someone special in your life.
This is a four-tiered cake that my husband and I made (and my mom helped to fill the boxes) for the teachers and support staff at our children's school.  Each box was filled with special items: items in a teacher survival kit, that followed along with a poem. For the poem I researched about 20 on-line and then I tweaked, deleted, and combined to have just the verses that we found to be perfect for my children's school. 
The cake wedge boxes were all cut with Close To My Heart's exclusive Cricut Cartridge: Artiste.  The boxes were cut at 4".  In between each tier we used a Wilton Cake Round cake board to provide stability.

The verses read:

To the dedicated Teachers and support staff

at Springfield Elementary School.

A penny to remember how valuable you are.
An eraser for those little mistakes.
A Lifesaver because you are a lifesaver to so many of your students.
A crayon to brighten your day.
A Starburst to let you know that you are a shining star.
A paperclip to hold it all together.
A tissue to wipe the tears and clean up the messes.
A Mounds bar for the “mounds” of confidence you give your students.
Marble to replace the ones you lose.
Smarties for helping make each student smarter.
A rubber band for flexibility when things don’t go as planned.
A band-aid to heal hurt feelings, yours and everyone else's.

A mint to thank you for your constant encourage”mint”.
Hugs and Kisses for when you need a hug.
Thank you for teaching us!  Abigail, Gabriel and Nicholas Sheridan

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