Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Total Turtle-Cuteness!

I couldn't help but share this adorable turtle frame that I created upon the inspiration of my colleagues Tina Sutton and Sandy Tremmel.  The frame was created with the Footloose paper collection, the Footloose Dimensional Element Compliments, Liquid Glass, Blue & Green Sparkle Assortment and the final touch that "makes" the frame--the Adhesive Back Springs.  Love, love, love it!

Instructions to create the frame:
1.  Purchase a square wooden frame at a local craft store.
2.  Flip the frame to the back side and trace frame (outside edge and inside edge in the picture window).  Trim the paper on the traced lines. 
3.  Cut the now square paper in half at about the 2/3 mark. 
4.  Glue the Creme Brulee side (yellow) to the top portion of the frame.
5.  Glue the sea image or pebble  side to the bottom of the frame.
6.  Adhere the Zip-tag from the paper pack to the seam between the "sky" and "shore".
7.  Tear a piece of "sand" designed paper and layer that on the frame as desired. 
8.  Tear a piece of the "water" designed paper and layer that over and below the "sand" paper.
9.  Cut the Dimensional Element wave and position one flat on the frame and one on 3-d foam so that they overlap.
10.  Add the seashell, and sand dollar flat.  Add the Smoothie Starfish on 3-d foam.
11.  Attach the turtle to the left side of the photo opening with an Adhesive Spring.
12. Add the Dimensional Element title with mini glue dots to the top of the frame. 
13.  Add two blue sparkles to the left and right sides of the title.  Add bitty sparkles to the turtle for her eyes.
14.  Use Liquid Glass to embellish entire frame including:
outlining the turtles shell and body, filling in over the letters, dots on the Starfish and waves, and outlines on the sand dollar.  If desired, add to other areas of the frame as well. 
15.  Set aside to dry overnight.

The Footloose collection is no longer available so if you would like to create this frame and don't have "left-overs" from other Footloose projects, I do have kits available for $10.00.   If applicable,  shipping charges are $3.00.

Turtle Frame Kit

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