Friday, August 17, 2012

Flip Flapping with Veranda

This morning I thought I would share a class I taught on Monday evening at the Scrappers for A Cause Crop.  The class focused on using the assorted 12" flip flaps as well as combining the 4" x 6" and the 6" x 6" flips on a layout.  The supplies used were:  Level One Veranda Paper Packs (now retired), Veranda Level 2 My Stickease (now retired), flip flaps, paper flowers (now retired), and the Mocha Opaque Pearls.  If you missed out on this class and would like a kit with color pictures and full directions, simply send me an e-mail at:  The kits are $15.00 and I do have two kits left from class.

Layout from class:
(Note: Abby's classmates faces have been blurred out to protect their privacy.)
Layout Closed

Left Page - with flip flaps closed.
Layout design is:  Title Topper - Add Up from Reflections.

Left Page - with flip flaps open.

Right Page - with flip flaps closed.
Layout design is:  Half and Half Corner Title from Reflections.

Right Page - with flip flaps open.

As the previously sold Level 1 kits were designed to create two layouts, there were many supplies left over after completing the featured layout.  The layout below is what I created with the additional materials (note that this layout was not apart of the class).  When I created the first layout, I decided that I wanted to do a second layout of just Abby and her teacher, Mrs. Snyder as she was such an important part of Abby's first year of school.  In addition, how could I not dedicate an entire page to the picture on the left?  I love this warms my heart and illustrates Abby's journaling perfectly.  Here is our combined journaling:
"Abby’s beloved preschool teacher, Mrs. Snyder: her “at-school Mommy “as she adoringly called her, has been the most awesome blessing to our family.  As a Mom, I can’t imagine another person whom I would choose to better fit the title of Abby’s “at-school Mommy” than Mrs. Snyder.  Our family was honored to have her as Gabriel’s teacher before Abigail and we all adored her.   And with that role, Abby loved her even before she was granted enrollment into Mrs. Snyder’s preschool class!  Mrs. Snyder put my heart at ease that my little girl, my baby, was in her safe care and for that I am forever grateful.  She used her creative talents and sparkling personality to educate her class and give them every “extra” that could be discovered.  I felt the best way to describe Mrs. Snyder, would be Abby’s own thoughts, so I asked her what she liked most about her preschool teacher.  This is what she replied and mind you, her face lit up as she exclaimed her thoughts and then she made sure I had written down each thought!
“Mrs. Snyder is the bestest teacher I had.  I love her.  She is my bestest friend ever.  She loves me.  She loves telling stories to me.  She takes care of my boo-boos.  And when I am sad.  She helps my friends when they are hurt.  I know she misses me and I miss her so much.  THIS----------------MUCH!” ".
Full Spread

Left page.
Main Frame - Four Square from Reflections.

Left page with details.

Right page.
Layout Design is Triple Play - Three is the Charm

Two of the four single page layout designs I have used previously in my challenge however the other two (Triple Play - Three is a Charm and Half and Half - Corner Title), I can now add to my completion list which means:  82 completed and 68 to go.

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