Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Celebration Day 10

Today is a fantastic day in the means of my Summer Celebration Sale!  As you know, many well loved paper packs are retiring in just 8 days!  So, I want to help you stock up before they are gone! 
For today when you purchase 3 packs of Level 2 paper, you will receive an additional pack of Level 2 paper for free! Your final cost will be $33.00

And, for those of you who LOVE the Workshop On The Go Kits, here's a bonus special for you!  When you purchase two WTG kits (and if you don't have the it THE MUST HAVE OF WTGS--just for the adorable stamp set!), you will receive a third WTG kit for free and you will also qualify for a Perfect Pair set of Mayberry paper and My Stickease or Sophia paper and My Stickease for free!  Both of these are fantastic fantastic that you will not want to miss them!  Your final cost would be $65.00.  For this promotions that is about $55 in additional product for free!

Of course, a few paper packs (4)  are hanging around for another 6 months, but most are retiring.   Here are the ones that are retiring:  Typeset, Sonoma, Elemental, Lucy, Footloose, Superhero, Crusin', Roxie.  All of the WTGs are retiring as they do not carry forward to the next book.

To take advantage of these very special offers, you can e-mail me directly at: of use the PayPal link below.  The offer will be valid until 7 am tomorrow Tues. the 24th.  When you place your order, please indicate your selections as well.  Have fun shopping!

Want to see the packs?  Simply look on my OBA at:

July 23rds super special

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