Monday, June 18, 2012

Cricut Compatiable? We've got that!

With Stamp-a-ganza in full swing, I thought I would post a list of the Close To My Heart stamp sets that are Cricut Compatible with our fantastic art Philosophy Cartridge! These are indicated in our Idea Books by a red-outline around the stamped image and of course on the carrier sheet, the size to cut the image is indicated.  All of the hard work is done for us.  Doubly fantastic!

Stamps Featured in the 2012 Spring/Summer Idea Book

Item NumberDescriptionPage #
B1398Just for You18
C1484Love Clusters24
C1502Princess Wings30
C1497Pure Adventure35
D1506Family Love53
C1483Born to Ride60
A1121A Blossom67
D1491Hooray Bouquet69
D1458American Celebration79
D1511Kick Back*81
C1501New Arrival87
D1515Play Day88
D1502Look Who’s91
C1464Blue Ribbon92
B1392Key Moments95
C1503The Best Things98
D1482Love Life100
B1400Beautiful Friendship101
B1399Crafted with Love108
E1020Token Alphabet*117
D1481Vintage Type118

Stamps Featured in the 2011 Autumn/Winter Idea Book

Item NumberDescriptionPage #
C1464Blue Ribbon17
D1481Vintage Type18
D1482Love Life29
C1463Harvest Happiness35
C1467Sweet Moments41
B1392Key Moments42
D1490Backdrop – Charmed47
C1462All Hallows Eve48
D1494Christmas Cheer53
B1381Holiday Cheer76
A1115A Holiday76
D1493Fill In the Blank – Holiday79
D1491Hooray Bouquet86
C1471Happy Clusters*93
C1469December 25th102
D1444A Little Thanks*107
E1020Token Alphabet*118

 And to think, this is just a STARTING point...there are many more that can be Cricut Compatible. Some of these are indicated by an *.  To add your favorites to your collection, simply go to: and start shopping!

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