Sunday, May 13, 2012

A new twist for acrylic cards...

I created this layout to showcase pictures that I took on our trip to Hawaii of my husband and his new Ukulele.  He was sitting on a beach bench just playing.  I wanted to capture it with something different.  So, I decided to incorporate the acrylic cards into the photo and journaling mats.  This worked great as it created a new flair, were transparent so you could see the designs behind the mats, and created a "hiding" space for the back sides of the Baker's Twine which is somewhat thick.  To see enlarged views of the images, simply click on the image and it will open in a new window.
Left Side

Right Side

Title detail:  Desert Sand Ink on Irresistibles Eclectic Die Cut Alphabet.
To create the acrylic accent, first ink the White Daisy Bakers Twine with a sponge and Bamboo or Desert Sand ink until it is the desired shade.  Next, Ink the Starfish accent with either Bamboo or Desert Sand ink.  The starfish accent is attached to the paper flush with a mini-glue dot.  Attach the journaling to the front of the acrylic card.  Wrap the twine in a criss cross around the card and secure to the back with scotch tape.  This will be under the cardstock so it is not seen from the front.  Next, adhere 3-d foam to the back of the journaling piece, again so it is not seen from the front.  Position and adhere acrlyic card to the desired location so that it overlaps the starfish.  By using the acrylic card as an elevated mat, it adds dimension to the layout. 

For the photo mat, the same was done as in the picture mat.  The Bamboo mat is on top of the acrylic and the pebbled pattern is underneath.  The only difference is that the starfish is on top of the photo instead of underneath.

The layout design is Rise 'n Shine from Cherish.  My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge:  77 layout designs created, 73 still to go.

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